Zombie Diary MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.3.3

Updated 13/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameZombie Diary APK
PublisherMountain Lion
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Zombie Diary

The story began in 2013 when humanity suffered a global mass extinction. The appearance of the undead at that time became extremely popular. They roamed everywhere and spread terror to the whole earth. Zombie Diary is about a human character, the only survivor left in this world. In the face of critical situations and dangerous threats, there is nothing more important than standing up and fighting to protect yourself. Since then, the plot in the game is gradually revealed. You will do what to help that lone survivor fight the evil and brutal zombie hordes.

Zombie Diary is a game developed in the direction of indie. The design on the 2D screen is simple, but that’s not the point. The most important and necessary thing is still fighting. The battle system in the game will serve to let you take advantage of everything. You are alone in this perishing world. If you don’t stand up, nothing will be solved. You yourself will be annihilated, and humanity will be completely extinct.

Zombie Diary mod

Download Zombie Diary mod – Rise to fight the doom

Play as any character you can freely choose, and you can use them to be the main characters in combat. They will charge into the battlefield on your behalf. Action-based on your controller command. Use the move and attack buttons to do the fighting. On the battlefield, there will be a lot of zombies trying to tear you apart. There’s no reason for us to stand still. The rest that can help you are weapons, items, and combat skills.

On the surface, this game is quite simple. You might think there’s only one battle zone throughout the game. But Zombie Diary will provide a lot of maps in different areas. You will have to fight more in the laboratories, outside the ruined city, or even the graveyard. Don’t think that they are just decorative. The characteristics of the undead will be based on the terrain where you are. So be prepared to know what you will face.

Zombie Diary mod apk

Possessing a series of ultimate powers

Although simple, the game has up to 24 different weapons. Most of them revolve around guns and their signature powers. For example, cannons, chainsaws, ice guns… Just hearing the name or seeing it is enough to understand their function, right? The important thing is that you can promote the power effectively or not. Depending on the weapon, they will have the number of bullets or not. There are also a lot of support items during the battle. Shields that eliminate damage, shoes with wings to increase speed, or even a giant mecha with unparalleled power.

Zombie Diary mod free

Get to know different characters

The plot of Zombie Diary refers to a single character who survives. In fact, you have up to 5 different characters to play according to your liking. Not tied to any specific rules. They even have different roles and strengths, which are very suitable for diversifying gameplay. 5 characters corresponding to 5 looks and 5 powers. Surely you will not be bored when using them to fight. Not only that, upgrading to increase the ability as well as the level of stamina is also the first choice. Show destructive power to whoever you love most.

Zombie Diary mod android

Resist disaster and prime factor

The undead will determine the degree of disaster and the end of this world. Needless to say, much with their terrifying power. It’s pretty boring to have to deal with the same guys constantly walking in your direction. As mentioned, the undead will have a lot of characteristics for you to be aware of. Small has, the giant has, has a lot of health, and has great damage. You must consider your strategy to be able to fight them. Once we enter the battlefield, we will never be able to get out. Are you a warrior of legend or not? Only you can provide the answer.

Zombie Diary mod download

That’s more than enough to talk about global doom in Zombie Diary. I may still leave out many things, but those are factors that you should experience for yourself. So download Zombie Diary now to see it firsthand. Nothing is impossible if there is still will and determination to fight. Be the only and forever survivor in the fantasy apocalypse world of Zombie Diary mod.

How to Download & Install Zombie Diary MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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