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Updated 21/05/2023 (1 year ago)
NamePocket Ants APK
PublisherAriel Software
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Speed hack/Antiban
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pocket Ants MOD APK detail?


  1. One Hit Kill
  2. God Mode
  3. Speed Hack
  4. High Chance Rate
  5. Free Shop ( Battle Token, Skin, etc )
  6. Full Creature Bar Event ( after you active the feature, you must play pvp or find acorn, then your activity bar will full )

Introduce MOD APK Pocket Ants

Do you know how the daily life of a little ant happens? While every day you work, entertain, eat and do activities. Then what will an ant do that day? If you really want to know the answer, give Pocket Ants a try. A game where you will become an ant and do its daily chores. It’s a bit different from the wild one though. But still very attractive and an experience worth trying at any time. How to face the world in the form of a small ant. Let’s follow it in the new world.

It’s true that being an ant sounds pretty useless and boring. A small animal that we hardly notice what they do in daily life. But that’s if you haven’t tried Pocket Ants, with a little more special mechanics. It will be quite attractive to those who love construction and adventure. Even if it’s just exploration in the ordinary world. But there are enough dangers lurking to crush you everywhere. Because you are the ants.

Pocket Ants mod

Download Pocket Ants – Create a kingdom of ants

Similar to construction games, you will mobilize hard-working worker ants. Find resources in many different places. Take it down to the nest and build special structures. After that, improving the chambers and ant nests to increase the number of inhabitants about to be born. Raise and level up queens, workers, and soldiers for more strength and durability. To be able to work more productively, produce more ants. What’s more, is the strong fighting ability to survive in this rather dangerous animal world.

The more you play, the more you will realize this job turns out to be not as simple as you thought. There are many works with unique architecture. Again, it requires many steps and large amounts of resources. Enough to show how admirable the hard work and accumulation of ants is. Not just hard work and industriousness. The worker and soldier ants are also very loyal and sacrifice whenever necessary to protect the queen. Bringing generation-sustaining creatures to the forefront. So we can see the detail and depth that Pocket Ants sends to players.

Pocket Ants mod apk

Collect and tame enemies

Reproduction and growth of worker ants can be hard work for queens. And the quantity is also extremely abundant. However, with only one species of ant, it is sometimes difficult to protect the safety of their nest. Especially for those animals that are huge compared to them. Therefore, it is necessary to add its own forces. By animals, they encounter in the wild. Conquer and bring it back as a fighting weapon for your own ant nest. It could be other stronger ants, large animals that fight alone. So it can be defeated easily against a large ant colony.

Pocket Ants mod apk free

Producing the necessary materials

A giant ant nest needs to meet a lot of material needs. The purpose for the production of food, weapons, or building materials. Originating from beehives, animal carcasses, or even live animals. Produced through a line inspired by the construction and development of human science. In order to create foods to maintain the health of the ants, take care of the queen. Build more branches of other groups that are closely linked. And create a variety of biological weapons to confront many great dangers in the future.

Pocket Ants mod free

Destroy the kingdom of the weak

Since it’s a big world, there can’t be only one ant nest. It is a combination of many different ant nests scattered in this infinite land. And even though they have nothing to do with each other. There’s no reason not to make invasions of your smaller ant colonies. Kill or capture the inhabitants of that ant nest. Conquer queens to exploit nutrients as well as increase organism production. You will also earn a lot of rare resources as well as adequate food. But be careful because once you have invaded others. Surely one day someone else will invade me.

Pocket Ants mod mod

There are quite a few titles on the market right now that emulate the life of a pocket ant society. Because it’s a rare game with this genre. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be many errors and many incomplete points. But it is still worth playing to give you a more intuitive view. Learn about the life of one of the world’s smallest creatures. Build your most powerful and majestic ant nest in Pocket Ants mod.

How to Download & Install Pocket Ants MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Speed hack/Antiban) for Android


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