Zero Fiction MOD APK 1.0.4 (Menu, Damage/ Defense multipliers)

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NameZero Fiction APK
PublisherAna Santos
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/ Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Zero Fiction is really for the followers of the turn-based game genre. Are you tired of such games taking too much time and effort? Can’t concentrate on playing a match that lasts too long? This game is really for you. The whole game could have lasted less than half an hour. Moreover, you can play again whenever you want, from the beginning. However, all the wonderful experiences it brings will remain in your mind for a long time. Suitable for anyone passionate about fighting evil with his awesome teammates. This unique game is readying a lot of challenges for you.

The game will be put into a virtual world with an attractive Japanese animation style. That world is being invaded by hordes of monsters and their owners. You play as a great commander, using his warriors with a desire to restore peace. However, you will have to go through a lot of difficulties, head to head, with many formidable enemies. They are not only strong but also highly aggressive, ready to crush anyone. Arrange your troops in battle, using all you have reasonably. Towards victory and glory ahead, can you do it? Let’s learn more about Zero Fiction now.

Zero Fiction mod

Download Zero Fiction mod – restore peace with your warriors

Taking the plot in the future world with powerful battle armor, Zero Fiction is like making you go through space. Although technology has advanced a lot, only those who master it are truly heroes. If there are heroes, there will be villains; that’s the rule of the world. Some parts made their weapons, began to conspire to aid the devil, and annexed the Earth. They sow disaster wherever they go. You are their only and last counter. Will you have the same end as those who came before, or will you defeat evil? Win every level to be able to fight the supreme leader and save the world.

Zero Fiction apk

A one-of-a-kind peak experience

This genre of games has appeared as an integral part of the Internet since the very beginning. Appears inspired by board games with addictive mechanics. Imagine you are facing a mighty enemy. In your hands are full of mighty soldiers and are always ready. All you need is to sit there and wait, and they will all show off their awesome skill sets in turn. Zero Fiction is like that and even surpasses your expectations. All the early side elements are minimized so you can focus on the combat. The warriors unleash their skills and destroy the enemy; that alone is enough to satisfy you.

Zero Fiction mod apk

Eye-catching shape

Preferring mere entertainment, the publisher has understood the psychology of a large number of video players. They care about the appearance of warriors and monsters a lot. Where to find on the market today a game with eye-catching, smooth shaping like Zero Fiction that is suitable for all machine configurations? From the main to the villain, the game depicts them smoothly. The real feeling at the beginning of the battle will make it difficult for you to take your eyes off the screen. An entire fantasy universe seems to be depicted in great detail with just one game.

Zero Fiction android

Hands-on fighting

But also, the game would not be good without its core values. The intense battles are condensed into an extremely short time. You don’t have to strain your eyes for dozens of minutes just to wait for a superhero battle to take place. Because every second that passes, the game gives you extremely intense fighting scenes. The rush in the gameplay does not cause you stress. They keep appearing one after another, rhythmically. You will be immersed in the feeling of winning against fierce opponents as long as you are strong enough. Upgrade your squad to win. Entertainment is entertaining, but Zero Fiction does not allow players to pass too easily.

Zero Fiction apk free

As a game that does not require anything too sublime from the player, Zero Fiction offers a great entertainment experience for everyone. The short, repeatable playtime is perfect for busy people looking for little fun every day. To do this is very difficult, but with all the advantages I have, the game really has this ability. Not boring, not boring, every detail of the game satisfies the player. Download Zero Fiction mod and experience for yourself what you are looking for.

Download Zero Fiction MOD APK (Menu, Damage/ Defense multipliers) for Android

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