City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy) 3.0.6

Updated 20/04/2024 (7 hours ago)
NameCity Fighter vs Street Gang APK
PublisherGame Theory Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK City Fighter vs Street Gang

City Fighter vs. Street Gang is an exciting retro action and role-playing game. Although the genre is vital, it has interesting content and plot, promising to bring emotions. It is similar to street games, third-person with the main character on a mission. This gameplay is simple but extremely attractive in that you can’t take your eyes off the screen, like a fascinating miniature life on your phone. So what unique context is built here, facing what challenges and tasks? This is the sequel to the fighting action game you should experience with a lot of innovation. This game is for you if you want to step into a fantasy world different from real life.

A little hint, this game has a bit of a classic twist, but it will not lose the inherent fun that you will get when you transform into our character in the game. In particular, you have the opportunity to show combat skills that no other game has. A unique feature of City Fighter vs. Street Gang is that you only use bare hands. Everything will happen naturally and without weapons, look forward to this particular thing.

City Fighter vs Street Gang mod

Download City Fighter vs. Street Gang mod – Become a street fighter

The battles are built endlessly and have no end until you defeat the enemy, but each level will be concise, and you have to take advantage of the time to defeat the opponent. The plot opens up eye-catching. I will reveal a bit about it later for you to follow. Here, players will have the opportunity to transform and become very skilled street fighters. Feel free to show off your tactics and styles like Muay Thai, Karate, boxing, Kickboxing,… and many other tactics you can admire right here. Those unfamiliar with these genres can seem to learn a little bit. Unarmed will not make you bored because the weapon is so familiar. Using the most natural punches and kicks and asserting power is also great.

City Fighter vs Street Gang apk

Interesting plot

Now it’s time for the plot. So what will a unique setting be built? It’s very curious because each game brings different storylines and makes us get carried away with it. Here is the image of a warrior with a quantity of orange juice stolen that he likes very much. So he got all his juice stolen and was so angry he had to get it back. Finding out that the thief is a subordinate in the gangster The Street Gang is getting more and more enjoyable! They want to steal all the juices in the world. This is impossible. Start helping the character confront this gang and get back the lost orange juice. But you can do it, show off your one-of-a-kind martial arts skills and terrify them right now.

City Fighter vs Street Gang mod apk

Battle character

Starting the game, you have the right to use two characters, the girl Chunlai and the guy Arya. These two characters are free and do not need to pay anything, but they will not be substantial. That is, the index of their fighting skills will be relatively low if to pass the initial stages. Using them is pretty reasonable in the game. However, if you want the following battles not to be lost, you must buy more characters. Or can increase or upgrade their stats and combine more skills in parallel. For example, jumping up and kicking, moving and repeatedly punching, hugging your neck, and then getting on the pillow immediately. It is vital that when you know how to combine, it will increase the amount of damage higher and defeat the enemy quickly through fighting techniques. Later, upgrading and growing stats continuously for the character will become stronger. Challenging modes will no longer concern players.

City Fighter vs Street Gang android

Skill upgrade

The remarkable thing in this game is that your opponents will sometimes drop their weapons. You can pick them up and fight them right away because it’s wholly allowed here. Instead, drop their weapons with targeted kicks. In addition, during the match, there will be wooden crates containing oranges, quickly collected in hand. Those oranges will be invested in buying more characters and upgrading stats and abilities. In addition, you can get more oranges after each level. If you win, get as many oranges as possible to pass the classes.

City Fighter vs Street Gang apk free

There are many exciting features here that cannot be said all, only experience. For example, download City Fighter vs. Street Gang mod and joins the action game to get back the lost oranges.

How to Download & Install City Fighter vs Street Gang MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy) for Android


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