Tesla Force APK 1.13.0

Updated 10/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameTesla Force APK
Publisher10tons Ltd
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Tesla Force

Tesla Force MOD APK will trigger the craziest battle in the world. A battle between the world’s great celebrities and monsters. An unprecedented event in human history. All weapons of war were created by these geniuses. They are ready to fight to eliminate all enemies, no matter how numerous they are. Ready to fight and win. Our weapons will be most effective in the face of hundreds of thousands of enemies. Everything you do will be the best goal so we can move forward to the next steps. Creating new hope for people to escape the destruction of monsters.

Lovecraft is a fantasy genre loved by many people. Describes a world threatened by mysterious creatures and related to magic. Surely, those things will make a big change in the world. This game will accurately portray a wild world. Invaded by aggressive and numerous creatures. Players can comfortably fight in the middle of a deadly battlefield. Use all your skills to survive. Become even stronger and win every fight we fight. This is why everyone wants to perfect their abilities in the best possible way within a large scope.

Tesla Force mod apk

Download Tesla Force mod apk – Fight the invasion of monsters

A mysterious space gate is opened. Creatures from nowhere poured in and destroyed everything humans had. They frantically eat all living creatures around them. Continuously creates clones of himself to invade everything. Creates a huge threat to humanity. But no one has enough potential and ability to destroy them except for the appearance of great scientists. All the world’s famous people will gather into one team. They will use their knowledge to create high-quality weapons and fight monsters most fairly.

Play again continuously

Your battle will revolve around different cities. But we won’t be able to choose where and where we will fight. Instead, it will be randomly generated for each time you play. Then we will find more surprises. You will have to fight unknown types of monsters. Get familiar with the situation and be able to handle situations in the best way. Each map has its unique structure. Makes your movement and combat depend on the environment. How to manage and survive is extremely difficult for these famous scientists.

Tesla Force mod free

Hundreds of weapons

Tesla Force mod apk allows you to own many different types of weapons randomly. It is distributed randomly in the environment you fight in. We need to collect all the ingredients so we can make our weapons. Each time you adventure, you will find different ingredients to create random weapons. We could use a giant flamethrower. Build electric towers to shock monsters to death. Create an electronic pulse machine to stop the monster army. Many weapons and gadgets you’ll be able to take advantage of will be in the craziest battles we’ll get into.

Tesla Force mod

Infinite levels

The levels of Tesla Force are randomly generated and can be considered infinite. After each turn, you feel the difficulty gradually increase. The number of monsters has been increased significantly. New types of monsters appear with crazier fighting abilities. Maps create disadvantages in your movement and combat. That further stimulates the tactical ability of every person. You will have to try very hard to survive the attacks. We will also find many materials to create unique weapons. Fill your collection with the machines created by these greats.

Tesla Force mod android

During the game, we will also receive many perks. Combining these perks with your fighting machines creates crazy advantages. You can’t even imagine what you can do. We can even destroy tons of monsters in just one blow. Or explore all your possibilities. Promoting it effectively when fighting in the world of Tesla Force mod apk.

How to Download & Install Tesla Force APK for Android


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