Stickman 3D – Street Gangster MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 1.0.6

Updated on 12/09/2022 (2 years ago)
NameStickman 3D – Street Gangster APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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In human nature, we always have to fight to survive. Bring back valuable trophies from the battle. The most important thing is to defeat your opponent. We do so in order to survive and lead to a greater benefit of life. The winner gets everything and the weak will lose. Come to Stickman 3D – Street Gangster to fight to become the winner. Satisfy your own passion for fighting.

Is a place where many interesting characters are gathered in one place. Entering a life-and-death battle with your fists. You will be a powerful hero fighting to win. 3D graphics are not too detailed but bring lots of bright colors. Cool characters with fun shapes come from all over. Stickman 3D – Street Gangster is a great choice for you to relieve the burdens in life. Put all your anger on other opponents in this game. Requires players to have very skilled fighting skills. Use your wits to make it to the last minute.

Stickman 3D Street Gangster mod apk

Download Stickman 3D – Street Gangster mod – Fight and assert yourself

Step into the fiery matches of Stickman 3D – Street Gangster you are a gladiator. Your main mission is to destroy the enemies around you. You will be taken to an arena with lots of people. The last survivor in this arena will be the victor. The controls in the game have been simplified compared to other games. The battle button will be integrated with the virtual joystick. You can use the joystick to help the character move around. When meeting enemies, press on the joystick to be able to hit them. It will be a bit difficult to play at first but as you will get used to it and feel easier and smoother.

Stickman 3D Street Gangster mod downlaod

Many interesting characters

There will be many characters synthesized in Stickman 3D – Street Gangster. With a multitude of different special shapes and powers. You can choose for yourself Captain America, Saitama, Red Imposter,… A lot of your favorite characters will be included in this. Unleash fighting passionately with the characters you choose. Each of these characters will have special abilities that can be activated when needed. Use these skills to sweep your opponents, turning defeat into victory. This is a game dedicated to Anime fans and heroes in the movie. Own these characters by unlocking them in the shop with money earned through battles.

Stickman 3D Street Gangster mod free

Unique Weapons

Superheroes in movies often have their own weapons. The weapons of the character in Stickman 3D – Street Gangster are shaped in accordance with reality. What are the characters in the movie or the game holding something, now they hold that? Not only that, but you can also pick up weapons that fall on the road. The weapons will give you the ability to hit far beyond the normal attack. Not only that, but it can also attack many opponents at the same time. When you have the weapons in your hand, you will be like a tiger growing wings. With extremely terrible damage you can knock down enemies easily. Become an undefeated monster crushing the arena and taking the number one glorious and prestigious spot.

Stickman 3D Street Gangster mod android

Become stronger

The way you can achieve the highest rankings in Stickman 3D – Street Gangster is to get strong. This is very important because the faster you get stronger, the more buff you will get. By deftly destroying opponents weaker than me first. Note the collision between many enemies to take the opportunity to destroy them all. Move skillfully to dodge enemy attacks aimed at you. As your level gets higher you have more chances to kill the enemy. However, beware of stabbing people behind you because they are very dangerous. With a bit of loophole or bug migration, you can pay a hefty price tag. Come up with the right strategy.

Stickman 3D Street Gangster mod apk free

Do you want to have a lot of money to be able to own your favorite character? Then in addition to fighting, please participate in the game’s daily events. Take attendance every day to get great rewards. Watching more videos is also a very useful way to get lots of gold coins. The players who reach the top each day will be rewarded with lots of gold and video views. Make lots of money to own everything you like in Stickman 3D – Street Gangster. Add more cool characters and your collection of powerful heroes. Download Stickman 3D – Street Gangster mod to choose for yourself a favorite character, join the fight to win.

Download Stickman 3D – Street Gangster MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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