Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.2.0

Updated 28/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameYour Land. WHAT?! APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 9.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Your Land. WHAT?!

Your Land. WHAT?! with you, to build your empire in a different style, creating human civilization. This is a strategy game, and you make the land to live in and expand it. Experiencing many different stages with specific cultures has contributed to the game’s attraction. You are free to build, financially independent, and strengthen the military force. You create solid, fortified houses if the enemy brings troops to invade. You are like going back to the old days, building a fortune from primitive to modern times.

At first, it was just unexplored empty land, but with your help, it has become more fertile. Houses began to grow, trees covered the sky, and people were born. They exist in a way that you control, creating jobs for them to avoid idleness. Smashing stones, digging for gold, cutting trees, and many other things keep them busy; they look for resources to enrich the village. Over time, items gradually become more crowded, and new territories are about to be in your name. You will be the leader of an entire village, creating, developing, and protecting yourself. In this construction, you have to confront many enemies; they are jealous and want to harm you.

Your Land. WHAT apk free

Download Your Land. WHAT?! mod – create human civilization

When joining Your Land. WHAT?! With one hand, you build it all, from building a shelter to finding food to survive. The village grew and grew, and the vacant land was also renovated with trees to prevent harsh erosion. The farmers worked hard day and night to collect firewood, dig gold to exchange for money, or plant trees for food. Getting rich is tricky; you have to struggle through many different places and even fight with enemies. They have the right to invade; you too; the two sides fight each other to find the winner. Fight, protect and maintain your village’s civilization forever.

Your Land. WHAT mod apk

Territory expansion

The original property that Your Land. WHAT?! It offers you simply a few small farmers and bare land. Then, sitting around for a long time, you figure out strategies to improve the lives of yourself as well as the villagers. You start to collect wood from lighting the torches; with new light, you can continue living in the dark. Plow hoe during the day to build the first house, gradually a whole village. The surrounding land is so that you are renovated, where you put your home, there is your name. During the invasion, you will also have the opportunity to rob other people’s land into your own hands.

Your Land. WHAT mod

Building civilization

After a long day of contact and starting the work of establishing the village, you realize a few things. You understand the rules of the game; set the rules for the people here. They have to work to survive the day, creating customs together. You properly distribute the work to the farmers according to their ability. People specialize in planting trees and looking for firewood to build fires and houses. The other group is involved in animal husbandry, creating food for the whole family. The rest specialize in forging weapons and upgrading equipment to be ready to fight the invaders. Each person has a job with a different personality; living together for a long time will create their habits and order for the village.

Your Land. WHAT apk

Send an army to fight the country

If only day and night plowing hoe, self-mobilizing to survive through the day, it would be boring. To fix that, Your Land. WHAT?! create intense battles. Many other players are also building their territories, reinforcing armies and weapons. Like the old wars, each country will choose a base and wait for the right time to send troops to fight the other. Now you, too, practice at home, increase your powerful army. When there are battles, the game will increase many exciting parts. But at least you have to know the status of your village. Is it big enough to invade other people’s territory?

Your Land. WHAT android

Your Land. WHAT?! It takes you through surprises from different eras. Each period will have its particularities; you adapt to them and create strengths. You expand the land you live in, accumulate valuable resources, and lay the cultural foundation for humanity. Players entered the scuffle without knowing who they were before being beaten down. Completely secret, thrilling moments are always waiting for you. Your people can feed themselves in many different ways, and hunting is also a way to survive. Download Your Land. WHAT?! mod, build a strong village and be ready to fight the enemy to protect the civilization you have made.

How to Download & Install Your Land. WHAT?! MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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