Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense MOD APK (Free shopping, energy, damage) 1.7.2

Updated 19/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameGuardian Spirit – Hero Defense APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping, energy, damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense MOD APK detail?

1. Free Shopping, you need to have the minimum amount required to be able to purchase, the currency will not decrease. [Gems, XP, Gold)
2. Mana Summoning Card, SeekBar choose your Mana yourself!
3. High Damage, 1Hitkill or less, Seek bar, choose your Damage yourself!
4. Frost Energy. Enable Before entering Stage!
5. High reward Dungeon and Sanctuary to 9999999.

Introduce MOD APK Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense

Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense is where you will be defended with your strategy. This is a fascinating fighting method that has been around for a long time. So now you can completely transform into a genius commander. Arrange for yourself the most powerful army on the dangerous battlefield. Repel massive attacks from the enemy with what you have to win. Extraordinarily challenging but also extremely attractive to be able to try to show bravery. Keep the peace for the innocent souls of the wide world.

Referring to the goalkeeper style, surely we will be no stranger to it. Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense is one such strategy game. The characters in the game have an adorable Chibi Anime-style design. The arrangement is not fussy but extremely addictive during the gameplay. The more you play, the more you want to win and show your bravery in many different ways. The excitement and fun you get in this fantasy world are limitless. Don’t let anything get in the form of your strategic thinking.

Guardian Spirit Hero Defense mod

Download Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense mod – Counterattack against mighty enemies

Monsters born from darkness are on standby to invade the world of spirits. Only you – a mighty summoner can save everything. Let’s start fighting to get certain advantages over your enemies. The first is to place your troops in the available positions along the way. Enemies will have to go through there, and your army will stop them with all their might. If you destroy all the attacks, you will win. In the defense process, you need to pay attention to upgrading your squad to become stronger, or you will be at a disadvantage. As long as the enemy passes, they will surely lose.

Great Heroes

The heroes play a significant role in stopping the enemy in your squad. They have the effect of blocking the way and fighting with the enemy until they destroy them. There are many different heroes that you can choose from in your squad. They can use swords, bows, crossbows, or magic staff. As such, their fighting methods were also different. Play a decisive role in situations with a large number of enemies. You need to match three of the same heroes during the match to create a higher-level fusion. Make it easier to deal with your opponents in the next wave.

Guardian Spirit Hero Defense mod free

Various maps

What we are interested in is the diverse levels created to challenge players. In each chapter, you will be fighting in specific locations. These locations will also constantly change how they arrange their routes and characters. The types of enemies are also evolving and becoming much more substantial. Attacks will be augmented with more troops, and they can defend themselves. You need to figure out how to stop them from being weak. Apply new strategies and adapt to situations quickly. Show them that being anywhere can’t be difficult for you.

Guardian Spirit Hero Defense mod apk

Endless rewards

The exciting thing in Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense is that many rewards can be sent to players. Just be active regularly, and you’ll have plenty of offers on offer. The tips come from quests, achievements, and daily attendance. They are also very diverse and make it easier to accumulate more wealth. From there, get more perks to unlock more powerful things in Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense mod.

How to Download & Install Guardian Spirit – Hero Defense MOD APK (Free shopping, energy, damage) for Android


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