Cyber War: Defense and RPG MOD APK (Menu, VIP/God mode, onehit) 3.0.6

Updated 26/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameCyber War: Defense and RPG APK
PublisherBeeMob Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, VIP/God mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Cyber War: Defense and RPG MOD APK detail?

– [ Player Menu ] –

  • -> Godmode
  • -> One Shot Kill
  • -> Rapid Fire
  • -> Max Range
  • -> No Skill CD

– [ Account Menu ] –

  • -> Hero Level Up
  • -> Free XP Level Up
  • -> Free Gold Level Up
  • -> Market Place
  • -> Free Market Place
  • -> No Buy Limit
  • -> Amount Of Items To Give
  • -> Account Profile
  • -> Max VIP (After Enabled Press User Icon (Top Left) Then Close Icon Then You Just Be Max VIP)
  • -> Unlimited VIP Claim

Introduce MOD APK Cyber War: Defense and RPG

Indeed, none of us wanted an attack from monsters. But you must be ready for this when participating in the battle of Cyber ​​War: Defense and RPG. Have a high-tech defense that is the most powerful in the galaxy. Ready to make the disgusting monsters fall before the powerful fire. Protect the peaceful life of your friendly people. No force can defeat your defense.

An idle game combined with tower defense is an excellent choice for anyone. Especially those who are often busy with their daily work. Cyber ​​War: Defense and RPG allow players to not care too much about it. But everything is still maintained continuously without any problems. The fantastic and sharp images will immerse you in endless wars. The fun is just beginning. Fight to satisfy your passion.

Cyber War Defense and RPG mod

Download Cyber ​​War: Defense and RPG mod – Set up an invincible defense

Your battle base is in danger of being attacked by strange creatures in space. They came in great numbers, and it was impossible to count them accurately. All the warriors decided to set up a line of defense to stop them. You will lead them to fight so as not to be overwhelmed by the aggression of the enemy. Upgrade the warriors with their modern weapons. Your funding will come from the carcasses of slain monsters. Beware of the enemy’s all-out attacks that can arrive at any time. Learn everything carefully to be able to develop more quickly.

Cyber War Defense and RPG mod free

Hero Summon

Cyber ​​War: Defense and RPG will give you more than 64 heroes to line up with. Each hero will have a unique stat and a different set of skills to use. There are a total of five character classes for you to choose from and take advantage of their abilities. The strength of heroes will be divided into ranks such as G, C, B, A, S, SS. The stronger the heroes, the more your win rate will be increased. Through battles, they will gain experience and become stronger. Quickly confront stronger monsters and defeat them. The rotation will be the place where you can find high-level heroes.

Equipment system

When owning a strong hero, you must know how to help them become even more vital. This can be done by finding the best gear. It will be divided into armor, weapons, and helmets to become a complete set. Their power ranks are also divided by color for easy identification. This equipment can thoroughly be combined to upgrade. These items can only be found on the lucky wheel in the shop. Here you have the opportunity to discover rare equipment to use for heroes. After putting on the best things, the character will become completely different.

Cyber War Defense and RPG mod apk

Complete mission

Your resources may not be enough to achieve the goals you need. So you can make additional requests that are given every day to supplement what you need. In daily quests, there will be easy parts and intricate parts. The higher the requirement, the higher the reward received. Work hard every day to exploit this abundant supply. Please don’t ignore it, or your growth will be prolonged. Participate in events held in the game to bring back many rare gifts for yourself. These activities will make you much more substantial.

Cyber War Defense and RPG mod android

Mighty Boss

The enemies you face are not just small and insignificant creatures out there. Behind them are still leaders with hazardous power. These are monsters that have existed for billions of years and caused a lot of great disasters. The considerable size combined with the strange appearance structure is scary. To destroy the bosses, you must build strong enough firepower. After these guys are defeated, you will have a lot of valuable rewards. Quickly develop your force stronger for the next attack. Prevent upcoming disasters more easily.

Cyber ​​War: Defense and RPG mod is a game that is reasonably accessible to users because the configuration requirements are not high. Feel free to download and experience the most exciting things to dispel daily boredom.

How to Download & Install Cyber War: Defense and RPG MOD APK (Menu, VIP/God mode, onehit) for Android


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