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Updated 26/11/2023 (1 week ago)
NameXproguard AppLock APK
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Introduce MOD APK Xproguard AppLock

The smartphone’s invention has brought us many conveniences and advantages in today’s technologically advanced age. But with that convenience come dangers and security threats. The security of personal information has become a critical issue with the development of essential data and applications on mobile devices. Before that situation, Xproguard AppLock was created to help users secure sensitive personal data on their phones. It is a powerful and practical security program that helps users keep critical applications, photos, videos, and documents safe from unauthorized access.

The app also allows users to designate a private space for critical apps and data. Users can access apps and data in incognito mode without leaving traces. Xproguard AppLock MOD APK creates an absolute sense of security for both the user and the applications on the device.

Xproguard AppLock mod

Download Xproguard AppLock MOD APK – Improve the application’s security on the device

Xproguard AppLock is an application designed to protect users’ personal information and privacy. It provides many useful features to protect against unauthorized mobile phone applications and user data access. One of the most outstanding features is Xproguard AppLock’s ability to lock apps with a password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprint sensor. To protect essential applications such as messages, emails, photos, and videos, users can choose a suitable security lock method for each software on the device. The more forms of security are used, the higher the level of security will increase, helping users avoid any illegal intrusion into essential data on their devices.

Xproguard AppLock mod apk

Lock important apps

This application provides users with extremely powerful application locking and management capabilities to ensure user privacy. With an app lock function, Xproguard AppLock allows users to lock apps on their phones with a password or fingerprint. This helps prevent unauthorized access to essential software such as messages, photos, videos, phone contacts, or bank accounts. Users can lock all apps or just those they want to keep safe, adding another level of security to their phone. In addition, users can set up separate lock configurations with this function of Xproguard AppLock. This implies that users can create and use multiple security profiles with different software.

Xproguard AppLock mod android

Various security options

The security options included in Xproguard AppLock are rich and diverse, allowing users to flexibly change between many different types of security for the application. Users can choose security methods such as PIN code, letter password, pattern, and fingerprint scan. Thus, to access sensitive applications and data on the device, you must enter the correct security form installed before. This protects the apps, files, pictures, and videos on the user’s phone. Anyone with bad intentions who wants to compromise the user’s device to steal information will have to give up before the security of Xproguard AppLock MOD APK. Help users feel more secure when storing private information on the phone.

Xproguard AppLock mod android free

Manage and control every app

In addition, Xproguard AppLock also gives users the right to manage all installed applications on the device. Therefore, users will know all the activities of applications and control their access rights. Suppose there is unusual activity or a sign of compromise. In that case, this application will immediately detect and notify the device screen to remind the user to strengthen the security layer. Not only that, but Xproguard AppLock also can detect malicious software and warn users when users intend to install it on the phone. Managing applications will no longer be as tricky as before when users have the dedicated support of this application. Now, no application can escape the user’s control.

Xproguard AppLock MOD APK is a handy application for anyone who wants to secure sensitive data on their mobile device. With many intelligent security features, this application allows users to lock programs, files, pictures, and videos with various forms of lock.

How to Download & Install Xproguard AppLock APK for Android


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