Smart Tools – Utilities MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 20.9

Updated 30/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameSmart Tools – Utilities APK
PublisherPC Mehanik
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Smart Tools – Utilities

Have you ever thought of a tool that can measure everything and is suitable for most jobs, Smart Tools – Utilities MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) is one of such applications. This is a system that includes many different measuring instruments. Serving all fields of science, geography, architecture… And instead of physical impact like other tools. Smart Tools – Utilities will use sensors and infrared to perform their role. It is like a multi-tool that you can’t do without when you go to survival. Sometimes it can save you from many critical situations.

A multi-tool, Smart Tools – Utilities APK mod has a full range of indexing tools. From measuring length, sound frequency, position on the compass, magnifying glass… Not only measuring but also used to observe and determine position. This is strictly an app for survival. To prevent cases like getting lost in the forest, unable to decide on the direction, self-defense… That’s why it becomes crucial and indispensable when traveling or camping. Sometimes it is also beneficial in specific jobs if you lack professional tools.

Smart Tools Utilities mod

Download Smart Tools – Utilities mod – A multi-tool that does everything

Smart Tools – Utilities APK 20.9 interface is filled with icons and tool names. So, just by looking at it, you already know where these tools are. Just tap on them, and you will be given a virtual tool. Of course, you have to use your fingers to interact and measure what you want. Sometimes we will need a locator and camera to make things more precise. Smart Tools – Utilities will work with both the hardware and software in the phone. This is to give the most accurate data and density in the surroundings. The number of tools is quite large so that you can be assured of a variety of functions. To keep yourself as safe as possible in dangerous situations.

Smart Tools Utilities mod apk

Measuring Instruments

This is the first tool group of Smart Tools – Utilities MOD APK. These include things that help us measure the index of the surrounding environment. Includes ruler to measure length. The tachometer acts like a speedometer. Compass is used to determine the exact direction. The instrument measures the sound frequency of the environment. The environmental thermometer is based on the health of the hardware: protractor and magnifying glass for viewing small objects. There are many other tools out there. They all have units for you to convert according to the situation accordingly. Usually, we will use these tools to measure objects, control sound, or environmental effects… They are all critical and easy to use.

Smart Tools Utilities mod apk free

Temporary self-defense tool

If in a worse situation, for example, getting lost in the forest. We certainly need self-defense tools to ensure our safety. Smart Tools – Utilities will help the best of what a smartphone can do. From there, you have tools like flashlights to defend yourself and scare away wild animals. Mirror system to reflect light and signal for help. Metal detectors are not very accurate but are still reliable. The instrument sounds like a siren. Important notes to try to survive. They will not be so important when you are at home or in a crowded place. But it will work if you are lost or stuck in a deserted place.

Smart Tools Utilities mod free

Create shortcuts quickly

Sometimes you won’t have enough time to open the app and find the tool you want. That will take a lot of time and put you in a dangerous situation. The best option is to create shortcuts for tools. Choose the tool that you think will use the most. Then create a shortcut on your home screen or lock screen. Whenever you need to use it, click on the tool icon, and you can use it right away. This will help increase the efficiency rate and react more quickly. That way, you can avoid danger for a while. Don’t underestimate how effective tool shortcuts are. Learn to use tools fluently and quickly.

Smart Tools Utilities free

Kits from Smart Tools – Utilities may not be as effective as the existing tools. But surely you will not be able to bring all those tools on your trip. So a versatile application is necessary and only encapsulated in the smartphone you always carry. You won’t know what trouble you might run into. Preparing everything in advance is always the safest and most effective way to succeed. Download Smart Tools – Utilities mod to get yourself useful tools in survival and daily tasks.

How to Download & Install Smart Tools – Utilities MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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