Device Info: System & CPU Info MOD APK (Donate)

Updated 25/02/2024 (5 days ago)
NameDevice Info: System & CPU Info APK
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Device Info: System & CPU Info

To get information about your smartphone, download and use Device Info: System & CPU Info. Provides all information about both software and hardware of a smartphone. Help you know your phone possesses parameters and capabilities. They also make you want to use your phone safely and avoid delays and crashes. All that information in one simple and compact application. Thanks to this information, you will know your phone’s condition. Is it time to change the battery or clean up the smartphone?

Device Info: System & CPU Info will take care of both the internal and external management of the smartphone. Optimize the performance of applications that initially overload the smartphone. Users can know the exact name of the device they are using. What manufacturer does it come from, and what parameters and components it own. This app may be more popular with smartphone analysts. Ordinary users do not need to be too concerned with professional knowledge. You need to know the status and activity level of the applications.

Device Info System CPU Info mod

Download Device Info: System & CPU Info mod – Provide complete information about the phone

When accessing Device Info: System & CPU Info, you will immediately see the battery status displayed on the screen. Accompanied by the performance in each particular period. You have consumed the amount of space and data to perform everyday tasks. This space is mainly for you to know what to do to free up the phone. Besides, there will be an information section for us to begin to understand the characteristics of smartphones. From the essential things like the device’s name, model, date of manufacture, hardware, serial, manufacturing address… Just look at that information, and you will immediately know your smartphone. Origin and where did it come from?

Device Info System CPU Info mod apk

Status of phone battery

One of the most important things about a smartphone is its battery. If the battery’s temperature is too hot, it will significantly affect its life and durability. Device Info: System & CPU Info displays capacity metrics in Hz. What is the current life of the battery, and how long can it be used? Although voltage and capacity are not crucial to ordinary users. However, they are essential for phone repairers. But, of course, the most important thing to pay attention to is the battery’s temperature. Environmental influences and software operations will significantly affect the battery’s temperature.

Device Info System CPU Info mod apk free

Network connection and memory

When your smartphone has a network connection, Device Info: System & CPU Info will check and measure the network speed of those connections. Specifically, where are you accessing the internet? What is the name of the direct access you use and the pace in the new standard Mbps unit? RAM and ROM memory are also differentiated in detail so that you can quickly identify and manipulate them when needed. In addition, you will need to clear excess memory from your smartphone at some point. Please focus on ROM to avoid affecting the data you have downloaded.

Device Info System CPU Info mod free

Manage apps inside

Not only taking on the role of hardware monitoring, but the software is also not out of this scope. The application’s system will analyze the activity of all remaining applications. Please put them in a list, from top to bottom, of the apps that take up the most space. You’ll know the current version of the app you’ve downloaded. When was it first installed, and when was it last updated. Side-by-side services and developers and providers are evidently. Prove that this is a wholly original and quality application.

Device Info System CPU Info free

Manage hardware and software included in your smartphone. Such a comprehensive check is never extra. To keep your smartphone safe and airy, this will be essential. Download Device Info: System & CPU Info mod and make your smartphone safer and last longer.

How to Download & Install Device Info: System & CPU Info MOD APK (Donate) for Android


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