1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK (Optimized/No ads) 4.51

Updated 03/04/2024 (3 weeks ago)
Name1Tap Cleaner Pro APK
PublisherSam Lu
MOD FeaturesOptimized/No ads
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK 1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK (Optimized/No ads) is an application that helps you to delete the entire call history. With simple and time-consuming operations. 1Tap Cleaner Pro is a tool that will help you remove calls quickly. Bring multi-function to the user. Easy to use with easy-to-remember steps. 1Tap Cleaner Pro will make your phone more efficient to use. Helping the device will be more powerful than ever. 1Tap Cleaner Pro is one of many such functional applications. However, with 1Tap Cleaner Pro, there are always full support tools. For users to achieve high efficiency during use.

If you are confused do not know-how. To be able to process with lots of data on the machine. Unused junk files. 1Tap Cleaner Pro APK mod will give you optimal solutions to solve. For your device, there will be no more junk messages. At the same time, the reorganization of contacts will also be more efficient. Users do not need to find each contact number to delete anymore. Right in a few taps, 1Tap Cleaner Pro will help delete all the contacts you want. It saves you time and does not make you worry about it. 1Tap Cleaner Pro has been used more and more popularly.

1Tap Cleaner Pro mod

Download 1Tap Cleaner Pro mod – Manage contacts

When your phone contacts are too many. There are contacts you don’t need anymore. Want to arrange equipment more scientifically. Use 1Tap Cleaner Pro APK 4.51 now. One of the apps that aggregate the whole set of tools. For users to solve all the problems you want. The list of contacts was deleted by 1Tap Cleaner Pro in a few minutes. For the contact sections that the user wants to delete. The application will immediately replace you with the fastest processing speed. Users will be able to manage close contact lists. 1Tap Cleaner Pro is the app you should have on your device. All search history, as well as contacts, will be completed quickly by 1Tap Cleaner Pro.

1Tap Cleaner Pro mod free

Delete call log

When you are involved in many calls to many people. Your call log will be archived. The listings will continue to grow more and more. Therefore, it should be deleted to not be full of memory. 1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK is an application that will help you to delete call history. With just one touch, any history you want will be deleted instantly. 1Tap Cleaner Pro brings tools to use effectively. Each tool will have its own set of functions. Responding to the needs of the user. To be able to delete at a fast speed does not require you to go through many steps.

1Tap Cleaner Pro mod apk

Ways to delete contacts

1Tap Cleaner Pro offers four ways for you to delete contacts. Includes clearing cache, clearing history, and clearing call logs. With each method, it will help users to choose different ways. Depending on your needs and purposes. Each deletion will have its own advantages. Therefore, the user will make the contacts get rid of the data they want. All files as well as contact records. All 1Tap Cleaner Pro can be changed by the fastest user. The application has provided all the ways for you to use and delete contacts. Please choose for yourself the optimal way to delete on mobile devices.

1Tap Cleaner Pro mod android

Clean up system data

1Tap Cleaner Pro brings full features to support users. You can completely delete history data, call logs, and messages. All junk data will be handled by 1Tap Cleaner Pro. Make the device memory not full. Works with higher storage capacity. Users will no longer have to worry about such issues. 1Tap Cleaner Pro is a perfect choice when you want to have all your data cleaned up. If with some other applications, it will have to be used through difficult operations. But when it comes to 1Tap Cleaner Pro, every step to delete in one easy to remember. Do not make it difficult for the user. All data that you need to delete will be handled by 1Tap Cleaner Pro.

1Tap Cleaner Pro application for optimal contact management. There are full functions for you to use. Download 1Tap Cleaner Pro mod to delete data on contacts quickly.

How to Download & Install 1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK (Optimized/No ads) for Android


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