We Are Warriors MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.22.0

Updated 04/03/2024 (1 day ago)
NameWe Are Warriors APK
PublisherLessmore UG
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK We Are Warriors

We Are Warriors MOD APK (Unlimited Money) challenges your fighting ability when confronting hostile forces. You will participate in different style battles as you enter the new world. And the troops you control in combat are diverse military units. They would range from the Stone Age to the agricultural age or even the technological age. So, you will experience combat challenges that bring a dramatic feeling. But to defeat the enemy, you must show your talent for leading combat units. Prepare for a combat journey at levels that can develop through different eras.

Your mission is to lead a military force to participate in wars throughout the centuries. When you begin the combat challenge, you will lead a stone army using the most primitive weapons. But that doesn’t make the combat challenges any less dramatic. Instead, you will experience past battles as a leader. And the difference in these combat missions is that you can develop your military force. By using food, you can summon more and more soldier units to fight. Embark on missions leading your diverse army to attack bases and destroy enemies.

We Are Warriors mod

Download We Are Warriors APK mod – Conquer battles across the centuries

You will enter a world that combines eras of fighting for you to experience and conquer. And when you begin your role as army leader, you will summon Stone Age warriors. The weapons in their hands are the most primitive items, such as sticks, stones, saws, and arrows. So you can gather them using the food you collect. Then, you will join them in destroying enemies to accumulate experience to upgrade your era. This way, you will own a new fighting army and continue competing with your opponents. Take part in challenging battles that can evolve through different eras.

We Are Warriors free

Summon the army

In the initial levels, you will own a prehistoric army to fight the enemy. They also have their base, and you must destroy it to win. So, you can start a war by summoning military units. When you use meat accumulated over time, you will have an army in large numbers. They will help you rush towards the enemy base to organize the most intense attacks. And especially this army can grow if you upgrade your base to new heights. Use the ability to summon your army to fight against enemies in We Are Warriors APK 1.22.0.

We Are Warriors apk

Wars through the ages

You will experience completely new combat challenges when you become a talented general. With the ability to summon troops, you can use different resources to recruit troops. They are combat units that will come out from your base and will help you take down enemies. But they were just Stone Age warriors with rudimentary weapons when they started. So, you need to develop your base to advance to a more advanced era. This world has 3 basic ages: Stone Age, Iron Age and Modern Age. Develop your base and fighting army to conquer challenging battles.

We Are Warriors mod apk

Demonstrate leadership talent

With the ability to summon troops, you will have an army with many warriors. They will join you in holding the typical weapons of an era and attack the enemy base with you. You will gain experience to help upgrade your base and army’s strength. Thanks to that, they will no longer use stones to fight but will use new weapons such as spears or guns. However, the enemy will also find ways to upgrade their base to be able to confront you. So, to fight them, you need to apply fighting strategies at each stage. Lead fighting units from different eras to confront and defeat your enemies.

You will be tasked with conquering challenging battles with different stages. That’s when you can continuously develop your era and soldiers during combat. So, to level up the war, you need to find a way to defeat the enemy army and gain experience. Then, use items corresponding to the eras to assemble combat units. And to conquer every challenge facing your opponents, devise military tactics. Download We Are Warriors MOD APK to join the army of your era in conquering military battles.

How to Download & Install We Are Warriors MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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