Hero Defense King MOD APK 1.0.42 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 21/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameHero Defense King APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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You can exchange diamonds for more gold.

Building an absolute defense is the goal you need to do in Hero Defense King. Why do you have to do this? That was because the invasion of monsters was approaching the border. You will gather the strongest heroes you have selected. Fight together and stop the massive attack of the enemy. Compromise isn’t a word in your dictionary, so don’t hesitate. Bring absolute peace to the base of legendary heroes. Protect innocent people living in fear.

A tower defense game like Hero Defense King is a pretty attractive option for gamers. That’s because it possesses good gameplay along with simplicity—less of the hassle needed to control your matches perfectly. Graphics are designed in a fun and classic 3D style. It is very suitable for those who want to challenge their intelligence but do not want to spend too much time. At the same time, train yourself to a certain degree of combat thinking abilities. Creates a major strategic challenge that anyone needs to overcome.

Hero Defense King mod

Download Hero Defense King mod – Solid defense against attacks

The monsters outside the border are gathering and preparing to attack the territory you manage. You can’t let the carnage be allowed on its people. Your task now is to gather all your heroes. Please put them in positions that the enemy will have to go through. The heroes will fight to stop the overwhelming force of the enemy from approaching one after another. If the attacks are entirely suppressed, you will win. Do not forget to strengthen the fighting abilities for your formation. Create the most potent defensive towers to crush your enemies. Do not allow any invaders to enter the territory.

Hero Defense King mod free

Defense Tower

For the most effective defense, your defensive towers must be deployed. There are more than 24 different types of buildings with unique abilities created. Towers are divided into attack towers and production towers for players to use. These towers will be placed at specified locations on the battle map. You can only choose a certain number of buildings to use in battles. Both types should be combined to get the most significant defensive effect. Battle towers deal massive damage, and production towers can block attacks. It makes it easy to build your unique strategies.

Hero Defense King mod apk

Strategy map

Each level is arranged and changed to diversify your playing experience. That means you will find yourself fighting on many different maps. Each map has a strategic layout that you must grasp and adapt to. The structure of the pillars so that the effect is not the same on the maps. Some strategies work for one map but may not work on another. So you need to observe the game’s situation and make the appropriate choices. Carrying the right turrets will also significantly increase your victory. The levels will become more and more difficult.

Hero Defense King mod apk free


Each different area will have specific species living there. They will have a lot of advantages in terms of movement and their number of troops. Each type of monster will also have an extremely annoying fighting ability that causes a lot of difficulties for you. There are monsters with fast movement speed, some with high resistance, and some with severe damage. But there is always a way to stop their attacks. That is to use the suitable towers to destroy them all quickly. The desert, the snowy mountains, the plateaus, the jungle are all ideal battle terrains. You will be the greatest commander on the tremendous front lines.

Hero Defense King mod android

Magic skill

It is impossible to defeat the enemy with only battle towers and heroes. There are times when they will attack in large numbers, making it difficult for us to stop. This is the right time to use magic power skills. These skills are efficient but also have a reasonably long countdown time. It can stun the entire map, drop meteor showers, create lightning fire arrows. The higher the level, the more magical skills you unlock. Discover many other exciting things in the Hero Defense King mod.

Download Hero Defense King MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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