Taimanin RPGX MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage) 1.19.7

Updated 29/02/2024 (2 days ago)
NameTaimanin RPGX APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Introduce MOD APK Taimanin RPGX

Ninjutsu has always been something that makes people curious about their unique abilities. In cartoons, comics, ninjas are always the favorite characters of many people. So if there is a game with such a theme, it will attract a lot of players. And the name Taimanin RPGX deserves to be called for now.


Taimanin RPGX belongs to the role-playing game genre, beautiful images from 3D graphics. Right from the main screen of the game, you can already meet the beautiful girl standing in front of you with all kinds of poses. This is an 18+ game, so that the female character will be the main focus. Interact with every girl you communicate with, keep track of information about them. Upgrade her unique in-game stats to see what she’s about to do with you.

Taimanin RPGX mod

Download Taimanin RPGX mod – Fight for glorious times

Events in Taimanin RPGX started happening with a boy named Shinobi. Live in a land called Gosha Gakuen, a place specializing in training ninjas. The mission of the people here is to fight the demons that always bring death. But the boy could not afford to become a ninja as he dreamed. So he decided to find a better way to help people. After gaining experience, Shinobi rose to become a leader. With his strength, he went to search, calling many ninjas to join his team.

At the same time, there was a riot. The land of Gosha Gakuen has been attacked by dark monsters. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Shinobi boy to find a way to fight and protect this place. Only a good commander can do this. Of course, the player will take the role of the leader of the attack. Train everyone who follows you to be strong, ready to fight. Complete the task that his father gave him. Stand up as a hero in the world of Taimanin RPGX.

Taimanin RPGX mod free free

Various fighting styles

Taimanin RPGX has turn-based gameplay. Players choose the female characters they want, forming a team. Each member of the two factions will take turns dealing damage to each other. To ensure balance, you should have in the squad the generals that heal, withstand… Create a strategy in each match. Because of the number of monsters and their strength, each level will be different. The higher the story, the more difficult the class will be, requiring players to arrange team members reasonably.

Taimanin RPGX mod android free

Recruit female ninja

Talented, beautiful ninja girls join your squad. Everyone has their unique skills, different outfits that accentuate their excellent body shape. The number of stars will determine what level they are at. The more stars a girl has, the higher the rarity. Of course, the emotional moment between you and her will be very special. Upgrade the fighting ability, enhance the general strength of the girl you have so that every game screen is always filled with the most beautiful images.

Taimanin RPGX mod apk

Adventure in many areas

The plot will run throughout the Taimanin RPGX game so that players can go to many different places. Explore the land where no one has set foot here but still survive, or the mysterious underground tunnel, where many ninja secrets are kept. Missions in the game are also very diverse. The main story branch of the game will be an adventure. And the side quests will tell the story of a particular girl or the event. Completing, you will receive rewards such as gold, experience, or a passionate night between you and the beautiful female ninja.

Taimanin RPGX mod android free

Vivid simulation

Games these days are very focused on the game’s graphics, and so is Taimanin RPGX. Using 3D graphics to let players feel they are interacting with the female character. The ninja girls are always posing to seduce you. During the battle, the effect of throwing skills is also fantastic. Combined with epic sound makes the action is more exciting than ever. The background rotates to match the terrain you’re adventuring in. Everything is fully equipped for players to get the best experience.

Taimanin RPGX mod android

The player’s journey will always continue until the evil demons are defeated. Choose the most potent female ninja in the squad to fight. Along with that is building affection with those girls, making them happy, yearning for you to the end. An engaging role-playing game, adventure plot. That’s what the Taimanin RPGX mod brings. Experience it right away if you already feel like this game with the beautiful girls in this place.

How to Download & Install Taimanin RPGX MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage) for Android


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