Knightcore Kingdom MOD APK (Menu/God mode/One hit kill/Custom damage increase/Healing) 2.1.0

Updated 20/07/2024 (5 days ago)
NameKnightcore Kingdom APK
PublisherMarscat Games Co., Ltd. 火星貓科技股份有限公司
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/One hit kill/Custom damage increase/Healing
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Knightcore Kingdom

A strategy game mixed with many tower defense elements, fighting heroes, called Knightcore Kingdom. Play as the supreme lord leading the army of knights to regain the original territory. In a rich island in the middle of the vast sea, the land is called Camelot. This place gathers brave warriors with courage to protect the area. But unfortunately, Camelot is being occupied by evil forces of darkness. As a supreme lord, you cannot stand by and watch the territory you build fall into their hands. The first thing to do is to assemble an army of the most powerful warriors on this deserted island.

The island is divided into two areas, one side is green lawns. On the other side are the lands covered with black color. Appearing on it are purple lights or yellow or orange lights. There were also black tornado balls in the sky above the island. Each of these spheres is a different rampart battle area. After participating in the battle, the player is brought to a stage with hexagonal stones stacked together like a honeycomb. In addition to the stone that had placed the warrior, the remaining stones radiated blue light. There are also columns of the castle on the ring.

Knightcore Kingdom mod apk

Download Knightcore Kingdom mod – The fight against the forces of darkness for the Camelot region

When placing the player’s hero army on this arena area. They will go to war with the enemy army standing on the nearby rock. In addition, these warriors also destroyed the above-mentioned columns. After killing all enemies and their turrets. Players will win a certain reward depending on the value of each photo. Knightcore Kingdom has many different locations for players to explore. But it is important for players to pass certain stages to be able to open these areas. For example, the savannah grazing area is open by default. After level 16, 56,100 are other stages with new terrain.

Knightcore Kingdom android

Territory building

In addition to having a logical strategy and going to recapture the area. Players can also build territories in the lands that the player reclaims. Because after the player wins and passes a stage, the black energy will disappear. In its place are a number of crystals of green rhombus stones. This also returns the area of ​​land covered with green grass below. There’s a hexagonal blue build button that pops up over that area of ​​land. Clicking this button, there is a change of terrain and surrounding items. The houses with red-green tiled roofs, in the middle, there is a fountain made of stone.

Knightcore Kingdom apk free

Knights Army

In strategy games, a diverse team of heroes is one of the things that attracts gamers. Summon heroes with cards, elemental stones, gold coins,…Each hero has certain skills and attributes. Pearl with smoky purple hair and flat bangs. The white-tone dress was dotted with blue lines and giant daggers. The romantic Gawain with a gray robe. Brown hair and beard, holding a sharp sword with a golden hilt. Aoi girl has a Japanese style with a plum red fox mask. Two hands holding two weapon bars with light stones.

Knightcore Kingdom apk

5 types of heroes

As a strategy game, Knightcore Kingdom offers an army of heroes of different skills. Includes tank, melee, ranged, spell and assist. Each army has different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the nature of the battle, the player can use the appropriate army. The Lacelot army is more of an attack with a large, well-trained army. The army of spirits Eden is a master of magic in the forbidden forest. The army of mechanical soldiers Gille has a reputation in the region for providing state-of-the-art equipment. It is necessary to carefully study the information of each army to use it appropriately.

Knightcore Kingdom mod

In addition to a diverse army of heroes, the abundance of equipment that Knightcore Kingdom brings to you does not disappoint. But the rewards are won in fierce battles. Modern bows are blue, each shot three arrows towards the enemy. The magic ball has a vortex of white light inside. The golden sword was meticulously carved with striking lines and extraordinary strength. Players can also fuse these weapons with gems to increase combat power. Upgrading heroes is also a good thing to do to cope with more difficult battles. Download Knightcore Kingdom mod opens the war for the territory of Camelot.

How to Download & Install Knightcore Kingdom MOD APK (Menu/God mode/One hit kill/Custom damage increase/Healing) for Android


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