War Ops MOD APK (Menu/Drone View/Wall Hack) 3.24.3

Updated 29/09/2023 (12 hours ago)
NameWar Ops APK
PublisherXDEVS LTD
MOD FeaturesMenu/Drone View/Wall Hack
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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War Ops MOD APK Information


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Introduce War Ops MOD APK

War Ops is a shooting action game that brings players back to the time of World War 2. At this time, conflicts between countries occurred frequently. Every young man can afford to join the army to serve the country—a person with excellent gun skills. You and your teammates officially join the army to protect the country. Wearing a military uniform, holding a gun, always ready to fight. Then the player officially stepped into the third-person shooter war. Everywhere is covered by the gloomy and mournful atmosphere that war brings.

Players need to move around the areas that the game requires. Besides destroying the enemies that appear before you, players must also collect rewards along the way. In the top right-hand corner, there is an area map that simulates the entire place. Based on this map, players can determine the location of enemies as they move within close range of you. In addition, on the way you move, a green arrow appears. This guide guides you to the destination you need to explore. A grey radio appears on the screen when you’re on your way to battle. Through a chat box from this station, requests are communicated to you.

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Download War Ops mod – Become one of the typical members of the army in World War 2

It is a shooting game with relatively familiar gameplay. After you have chosen the character and the gun, you want to bring into the battle. Players are taken to locations to explore, where they can freely control their character. The left-hand corner has a green hexagon virtual key. Through this virtual key, the player can control the character to move, rotate left, and rotate right. The other side includes a virtual key that attacks directly. Around it are virtual keys of additional skills to support players in the battle, including manipulating the character to jump up or down. Throwing grenades, aiming, and throwing mines at enemies are also provided.

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Choose a Warrior

There are many warrior units that you can join, each with a different function. They can become infantry or sniper to join the battle. If you decide to become an infantryman, you can choose from several characters whose weapons are knives or shotguns. Snipers are equipped with weapons capable of long-range attacks. The clothes they wear are not the same, wearing luxurious suits. Or the costumes bear the imprint of time with brown or moss-green colours. There are also warriors wearing hats, masks, glasses, etc. Ultimately do not bring the feeling of horror of bloody wars.

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Game mode

Coming to War Ops, players can refer to two main game modes: direct PvP or team PvP. Depending on your mode selection, players are taken to different locations. If the PvP is team-based, the player can meet first and exchange tactics with the team members. After winning, members can distribute the corresponding rewards. In direct PvP combat, players only need to move around the area. Then look for opponents, and enemies that come to your territory. Defend the territory and accumulate scores through the number of winning characters to rank up.

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Character upgrade

Once you’ve unlocked multiple characters, personalize their traits to your liking. You can upgrade your character’s stats. The stronger the stats and skills, the easier it is for you to enrol in the rankings of the strongest players. Stats include the amount of health, damage stats, speed and accompanying attributes. Besides, collect a lot of guns to become the master of the game. Collect guns like sniper rifles, shotguns or rifles. Use the guns and choose the gun that suits you best. Using a gun can help players upgrade more guns.

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The game scene changes diversely when opening the battle in many locations, from massive cities or burning forests. Bombs exploding with guns created burned areas and columns of black smoke in many areas. The armoury is discreetly camouflaged. If the player can capture the enemy’s arsenal, you have the opportunity to own a lot of exciting rewards. Download War Ops mod to become the most elite soldier fighting heroically to defend the country in World War 2.

How to Download & Install War Ops MOD APK (Menu/Drone View/Wall Hack) for Android

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