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Updated on 30/01/2022 (2 years ago)
NameOnce Upon a Tower APK
PublisherPomelo Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Once Upon a Tower MOD APK Infomation
  • V1: Menu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs
  • V2: Unlimited money, unlocked characters

If you think princesses are weak and shy girls, you are wrong. Once Upon a Tower will show you a prime example of this. The princess now doesn’t need the help of handsome princes anymore. She will stand up for herself to escape the captivity of the wicked. Create an adventure unmatched in the history of stories. Become a legendary female warrior who can solve all difficulties.

Games for children are always a good choice for cognitive development. Once Upon a Tower was created for this audience and especially girls. Offers broader perspectives on women’s capabilities in life. Create equality in thinking and guide players to be independent. Experience the cartoon graphics that are fun and simple but offer depth in the storytelling—adventure in a fascinating medieval world.

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Download Once Upon a Tower mod – Stand up for yourself and fight fearsome enemies

Coming to the world of Once Upon a Tower, you will transform into a princess. Suddenly one day, she was taken away by a huge and ferocious dragon. It locked her in a very tall tower and was very carefully guarded. To save yourself, look to the legendary hammer of invincible power. Use it to go through the floors of the tower until you get out. You will dig in places where there is soil and will automatically fall deeper. Use the hammer to crush the enemies trying to get in your way. Remember that it is not possible to dig through the solid rock layers of the castle when digging to the goal that the game screen sets. You will win.

During the digging process, there will be many traps arranged below the places you are going to. If you are not careful, you can fall into a trap and lose your life immediately. Look carefully to make sure it’s safe before continuing down. Spikes, fire, monsters are the things you should not touch.

Once Upon a Tower mod download

Brave princesses

When you start playing, you can optionally change to the characters you want. These princesses are designed and represent interlocking cultures. Egyptian mummies, Ninja assassins, Vikings,… You can freely change anytime you want. Enjoy new styles and watch them fight. Make your game more diverse and interesting, and avoid being bored. Each character will give you a different playing feeling. The weapons they used to break dungeons were varied and suited to where they came from. Create thrilling and exciting levels with precision and agility.

Power Upgrading

Every time you go down and win, you get a certain amount of bonus. This money can be used to upgrade your princess to be stronger. There will be options when you move to and start the next level. There will be items like iron shoes that will help you comfortably go down and crush the monster yourself. The shield protects you from damage from certain types of traps. The bombs, when thrown, will destroy everything within its range. Magnets will help you attract useful items around. Many other great items can be purchased at extremely affordable prices. Don’t be afraid to spend money on important things that make you stronger.

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Difficult challenge

Once Upon a Tower contains extremely diverse levels and is not boring at all. Each time you go deeper, there is a challenge waiting for you. Newer and more sophisticated traps are randomly placed everywhere. The monsters will be stronger and faster depending on their attributes. If you lose, everything will have to start from zero. This journey is really terrible, and you have to be very careful. Minimize reckless and incalculable moves while playing. Quickly go through the traps to avoid being hindered much by it. Always think and find the easiest way to get there quickly.

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Sometimes the giant dragon would try to blow fire into the voids of the castle. You need to be aware of its impending signs of attack, such as gliding around. If you take damage from fire, you will immediately die. Baby dragons are equally dangerous, so they need to be eliminated immediately. Don’t let the dragon hinder your journey, move smartly to avoid it. Try to get to the finish line and see what happens next. Once Upon a Tower mod will challenge you continuously and hone your personal skills quickly.

Download Once Upon a Tower MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs) for Android

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