Ronin: The Last Samurai MOD APK (Dumb enemy/Fast Skill Recharge) 2.9.667

Updated 31/03/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameRonin: The Last Samurai APK
PublisherDreamotion Inc.
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy/Fast Skill Recharge
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Ronin: The Last Samurai MOD APK detail?

V1 Menu

  • Disable enemies.
  • Fast Skill Recharge.

V2 Menu

  • You can get free stuff without watching ads;
  • After starting the game, click the circle button on the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
  • Bots cannot attack;
  • Enemies deal little damage (they can hang poison or a similar effect that removes a lot of health).

Introduce MOD APK Ronin: The Last Samurai

Ronin: The Last Samurai is an extremely interesting and engaging action game. The game belongs to the action role-playing genre of Japanese Samurai fighting style. Ronin: The Last Samurai will allow you to transform into feudal warriors of the country of the rising sun. Although it is only a 2D game, Ronin: The Last Samurai takes great care of the visuals. From the character movements to the extremely new scenes, all of them are bold in the lines of the anime. The fighting style is extremely diverse depending on the character. The attractive storyline with challenges arranged in increasing difficulty.

Ronin: The Last Samurai brings a new breeze to action role-playing games. With a very unique design style that gives players new experiences. The game also helps us understand a lot more about the lifestyle and fighting style of the Japanese feudal warriors. Speaking of Samurai, we will immediately think of the famous warriors of Japan. Play as the ultimate swordsman, sweep all enemies and step over their corpses. Show off your top fencing skills with a spirit of resilience. As the last warrior of an empire, raise your sword and fight heroically. In addition, Dawn of Zombies and BARBARIAN are also games with extremely dramatic action gameplay.

Ronin The Last Samurai mod

Download Ronin: The Last Samurai mod – The heroic mission of a warrior

Ronin: The Last Samurai is an extremely good game with chapter-by-chapter gameplay of the plot. The genre of the game over each screen is very challenging. The fighting style is the same as most fighting games. The game focuses mainly on fighting skills. The game also gives gamers a lot of mechanisms to develop a system of characters. The feeling of tight guillotine in the game is extremely hands-on. Motion effects of the game super smooth. Sound alive to every slash. The graphics of the game are designed as extremely unique and new ink paintings.

Ronin The Last Samurai mod download

Simple fighting style

You will not be difficult to remember the skills or style of the character. To master and master those skills is another story. You have to be very quick to be able to combine attack and defense. Defensive solidly waiting for the right moment and launching fatal blows. Don’t just focus on attacking your opponent. Defensive correctly and at the right time will create loopholes to help you finish off the enemy. Facing multiple enemies at once makes controlling even more challenging. Try not to lose too much blood as your health won’t automatically heal when you haven’t passed the challenge or fell.

Ronin The Last Samurai mod free

Flexible character changes

Ronin: The Last Samurai allows you to change your character’s appearance by changing outfits. Different outfits also give different combat stats and skills. You can turn from a Samurai warrior into a Ninja assassin. Depending on the missions you are assigned to or your opponents, you should flexibly change to suit each battle. The weapons in Ronin: The Last Samurai are mainly Japanese swords. Weapons also have different combat stats. You can also unlock skill points and character potential points after each battle. You can also find yourself assistants who are pets with special abilities.

Ronin The Last Samurai mod apk

Missions and rewards

The missions in Ronin: The Last Samurai are diverse in genres. You may face an entire army or simply a few soldiers. You will have to perform quests based on the story of the game. You can learn more about the heroic history of the country of cherry blossoms through the game storyline. The rewards after each mission are also very diverse in types. After each chapter you complete, you will be rewarded more than normal battles. Items can be dropped such as swords, costumes, and accessories. Skill points are also awarded after each battle. Skill points will help your character gain bonus stats when fighting.

Ronin The Last Samurai mod android

Ronin: The Last Samurai was developed by the producer Dreamotion lnc. With years of experience, the development team has created an extremely successful game. Ronin: The Last Samurai has the strength of simple gameplay, extremely attractive storyline. New unique background and design with ink style. Build a fighting style and character according to personal strengths. The game also received a lot of positive feedback from gamers around the world. Download Ronin: The Last Samurai to transform into a heroic swordsman. Subjugate all enemies before your blade. For the sake of being a Samurai, fight until the last enemy falls.

How to Download & Install Ronin: The Last Samurai MOD APK (Dumb enemy/Fast Skill Recharge) for Android


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7 months ago

I’wanna unlimited coin!!, because I’want to max upgrade all of the skill, plss update the mod to v3..

7 months ago

I’wanna unlimited coins!!, because I’want to upgrade max my skill, plss update mod unlimited coins..

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