War Heroes: Strategy Card Game MOD APK (Free troop deploy) 3.1.0

Updated on 21/04/2022 (10 months ago)
NameWar Heroes: Strategy Card Game APK
PublisherFun Games For Free
MOD FeaturesFree troop deploy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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War Heroes: Strategy Card Game MOD APK Infomation

You can deploy troops without needing energy.

Military strategy is needed on a vast battlefield that War Heroes: Strategy Card Game brings. You will be surprised at how it works as well as creating challenges. The conflicts unfolded in a very unexpected form. Take advantage of units to start mercilessly destroying your enemies. Lead your soldiers on a battlefield full of dangers. Great successes will require an unavoidable trade-off from everyone. Take on the world in this fantastic action strategy game.

War Heroes: Strategy Card Game is built in a new real-time strategy style. It will beat the boring turn-based games that are rampant in the market. The cards in this will look like living units you control. Vivid animations, as well as beautiful images, are a huge plus. Victory and defeat will both depend on the intelligence of each player. It can also satisfy the passion of military art lovers. Spread it more substantial from the ever-expanding diversity on this battlefield.

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Download War Heroes: Strategy Card Game mod – Explore the vast military battlefield

An enormous battlefield was created for the kingdoms to compete for their interests. As a commander, you will begin to build strength for your army. Collect strategic cards and use them in battles. Each card you summon will correspond to the units participating in the competition. Weaker teams will be destroyed by more robust units, a straightforward and understandable rule. To defeat the enemy, you must have a well-prepared plan. At the same time, we must have reasonable control over the current situation. The enemy is dangerous, so you will gain more experience through the battles.

Mighty Cards

During the game, we will earn more cards to replenish our forces. These cards are all well-trained powerful military units. They will play different roles to destroy the opponent and create an advantage for you. We will have tanks, infantrymen, snipers, and many other units simulated. However, you cannot bring all the teams in a war with you. Only a certain number can be selected to deploy and fight. A lot of novel combinations can create a squad with powerful abilities. Teams can also counter each other with the improvisation of the owner.

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Upgrade to be stronger

After the deck has become rich and diverse, players can start upgrading. Upgrades will be made using gold coins earned in battle. Gold coins are also something that you can mine in mysterious chests. The prices across each required level of units will be the same. This means you can focus on the teams you want or balance out multiple options. Each time you level up, stats like attack or defense will improve. It will help your units fight more effectively through each stage. Owning high-end units is the way to victory.

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Confront other players

We always want to find people with high abilities or similarities to socialize with. Surely War Heroes: Strategy Card Game will meet this legitimate need. PvP mode is the place for you to show off your extraordinary abilities. The game mechanics will be based on a random match between you and others. The system will try to find people with similar qualifications to ensure balance. So you will not need to worry too much about the difference in the strength of the two sides. Instead, it will be focused on finding ways to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. The ranking system will evaluate your performance based on the number of wins and how you perform in the match.

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Novelty arena

The game will assign five different battlefields to send you after matchmaking randomly. There is a highly unique arrangement in each of these areas that only it has. Therefore, the strategy must also be based on adequate, flexible changes. Players need to put their squad into battle wisely. Then, take advantage of the battlefield’s terrain to create more novel breakthroughs. You will get your unquestionable professionalism when you play a lot and build a stronger team. Finally, play to feel the fun War Heroes: Strategy Card Game mod can create for us.

Download War Heroes: Strategy Card Game MOD APK (Free troop deploy) for Android

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