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Updated 17/07/2021 (3 years ago)
NameWar of Kings APK
PublisherFalcon Studios.
MOD FeaturesFree building list
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK War of Kings

Who among us, most 8x, 9x generations have certainly played or heard from the Age of Empire. A fascinating strategy game with the theme of war. Attacks destroy opponents, appropriation of resources. Overthrow mighty empires to create a new era. To continue those values ​​War of Kings was born. With gamers re-enact the most glorious battles, using their wits to destroy opponents.

In human society, war happens is an inherent factor. We do so for greater benefits. Satisfy the great ambitions hidden in yourself. To achieve that we need a powerful army to destroy the opponent. War of Kings was born to fulfill those of our dreams. You have to build a strong empire, the most powerful. Possessing warriors with strong skills like the Spartans. Attack worthy powerful opponents. Destroy them and hone your commanding skills through the toughest and most challenging battles.

War of Kings apk

Download War of Kings mod – Become a legendary military leader

Coming to the War of Kings, you will transform into a leader starting from nothing. Your mission is to find allies and the most elite soldiers. You will become their commander, use them to achieve your goal. You have to how to build yourself a huge and solid country. Gather resources around so you can foster your kingdom. Build modern structures and upgrade them to more powerful. At the same time train a powerful army like the warriors of Sparta. Open wars of aggression with other countries. Lead your army to defeat enemies and gather resources.

War of Kings mod free

Attractive features

When playing War of Kings you will not have to play alone. You can search for all the opponents in the world and fight them. Not only that, but you can also invite your friends to join the battle. Not only that, when you don’t have the network to connect to, don’t worry. You can enter the game and play normally. Make sure to progress your empire-building on a regular basis. If you are a new player then there is no need to be afraid. The in-game control system is easy to manipulate and use. It is built in a simple and consistent manner. Just a little action you can lead your army to where it is needed.

War of Kings mod

Build a strong guild

To win against rival countries, playing alone will not be a wise choice. Instead, build yourself a party and upgrade it to become really powerful. In the feature called the academy, you can recruit allies. Find yourself strong allies, invite your friends to play. Along with that is upgrading a higher clan to increase allies. Build and develop your kingdom together by sharing armies and resources. Help each other build great constructions and take time. Together to create a solid and durable empire over time.

War of Kings android

Use your wits

One of the most essential things to defeat an enemy is to use your mind. Hone your combat experience by creating great strategies. These strategies will help you out against your opponents. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy you are about to confront. From there it is possible to attack critical areas of the enemy and make them unable to keep up. Make them defeat defeated by your talent to lead your soldiers. Put your name on the list of the most powerful countries in the world. Show your ability and talent in the War of Kings. Helps you to have judgment and agility in really difficult situations.

War of Kings apk mod

Allies are the key to victory

One tree should not be young, three trees clustered together to make the mountain high. When you fight alone, you will be a lone wolf. No matter how talented you are, you will be swallowed up by a strong enemy sooner or later. The most powerful way of survival is to connect with other countries. Forge a solid alliance in the world and devise great strategies. Together with them, they conquered powerful nations around the world. Create a powerful and united force that cannot be overthrown. Download War of Kings mod now, lead the most powerful army in the world, fight with your friends and mighty alliances around the world. Become a smart and sharp player.

How to Download & Install War of Kings MOD APK (Free building list) for Android


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