Kingdom Rush MOD APK (Unlimited money) 5.8.02

Updated on 01/11/2022 (3 months ago)
NameKingdom Rush APK
PublisherIronhide Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Kingdom Rush MOD APK Infomation

Kingdom Rush mod version

  • Unlimited money.

Play the data stored in Slot 1 to get more diamonds.

Kingdom Rush is currently a strategy game that attracts the attention of users. Especially those who love the high intellectual game genre. This is an engaging game for players because it helps everyone relax. Kingdom Rush is a game of the defense game genre. If you love strategy games. Then Kingdom Rush is a great choice that you should not ignore. Please go down to the article to learn some interesting things about this game.

This is a tower defense game genre, set in ancient medieval times. You need to fight the evil forces to protect your kingdom. Pay attention to placing defensive towers in the key positions, the strongest warriors. Protect the kingdom from the intrusion of all enemies. Kingdom Rush has a large map, but you should only pay attention to the main road. On this path, there will be countless enemies to attack your kingdom. Try to protect the kingdom from the invasion of monsters or witches is your mission.

Kingdom Rush mod

Download Kingdom Rush mod – Protect and lead the kingdom

Are interesting things in the introduction enough to make you feel excited? Start building your own kingdom right now. Kingdom Rush is an interesting goalkeeping game and is very suitable for stress relief after a series of tiring days. This is a great strategy game that you should not ignore. The context of the game is taken from medieval times, where many bloody battles took place. The battle to defend the tower against evil enemies never ends. Install the game and join the battle now!

Kingdom Rush apk

The gameplay is easy, simple

The place where epic battles between humans and ancient monsters like orcs, demons, and evil witches take place is from the Middle Ages. And you are the one who needs to protect this kingdom. Find ways to stop them from attacking your kingdom. Design defensive towers and the best warriors in key locations. The defensive towers will help you prevent the onslaught of monsters. Pay attention never to let the monster pass the defence point. If the monsters pass, the game will end and you will have to return to the beginning.

The game has a fairly large map, but players only need to care about the main road. On each level, there will be fixed positions for you to place defensive towers. Tower defense includes four basic types for you to choose from: Artillery Towers, Mage Towers, Barracks Towers and Archer Towers (also known as Ranged Towers). In addition, Kingdom Rush also has 8 other special towers that can be purchased with cash. Besides protecting the kingdom by building towers, you can also summon soldiers or use ancient magic. The higher the level, the stronger the enemy will be, pay attention to upgrade the defensive tower.

Kingdom Rush mod apk

A violent enemy

When starting the game, players will meet nearly 100 different types of enemies. One of the weakest and most popular types of enemies in the first levels you face is the Goblins. They are easily destroyed from the very first moment. Enemies come a lot so you need to build a lot of defense towers. Do not attach too much importance to upgrading the tower but neglect the construction. Different types of enemies will have a separate weakness, find out their critical weakness. Come up with suitable tactics, cleanly destroy the enemy.

Kingdom Rush download

Powerful warriors

Warriors play an important role in destroying monsters no less than defensive towers. Like the enemy, the game also has a lot of different warriors. You can unlock warriors, with money, using gold to buy or bypassing some difficult levels. When you pass the third level of Campaign mode, you will get a top warrior. And after receiving the reward as that warrior, you will be able to choose other warriors. Of course, you need to prepare enough money to buy them.

If you find this game seems a bit difficult, you can refer to the play strategies of other players. Because Kingdom Rush has a huge number of players in the world. You can learn tips from previous players to get through difficult levels. Download Kingdom Rush now and protect your kingdom. Build and defend it well against hostile forces. The game in addition to entertainment and relaxation for users, also allows players to practice thinking and strategy while playing. So don’t miss anything in Kingdom Rush.

Download Kingdom Rush MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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