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Updated 17/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameScythe: Digital Edition APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Scythe: Digital Edition

The military potential is something that every country must have at hand. It represents the strength, technology, and scientific achievements of each country. The possibilities of creating war in each country would be enormous. War is needed to be able to expand territories as well as colonies. It is something that stronger countries can use to suppress weak and underdeveloped countries. Come to Scythe: Digital Edition and start searching for your own colonies.

Board games have long been attractive to young people of different ages. Not only because of the tactical nature but also the excitement that comes from it. Scythe: Digital Edition is one such game. The game will satisfy the greatest ambitions of the players. Help you manipulate war colonies into your own. Brings fiery battles between different armies. The smartest and luckiest people will always be the winners of the war. A game that does not favor rich or poor and everyone is the same. There is no such thing as an imbalance in the game that leads to the disparity. Let’s start your own war in this game.

Scythe Digital Edition mod apk free

Download Scythe: Digital Edition mod – Fight and conquer new lands

Your nation, an independent nation, has built unique dangerous fighting machines. This is an opportunity for your country to rise to become the most developed empire. Be the leader and build your country up. Use strategic weapons to intimidate the enemy into obeying your demands. Wipeout your opponents with powerful destructive war machines. Conquer vast lands and rich in resources everywhere. Expand the empire’s colonies and collect as many benefits for yourself. Become a number one talented strategist with tremendous military and economic strength.

Scythe Digital Edition mod apk

Strategic gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you and other players are assigned a certain area, resource, and factor. Your job now is to start expanding the territory and start building buildings. Collect a lot of resources to be able to help with development. Defending the country against foreign invaders were other players. When you have enough modern technology and necessary resources, you can start to open wars. The purpose of these wars was to compete for fertile lands and increase colonies. Expand your production to be able to upgrade and upgrade the country’s technology to a new level.

Scythe Digital Edition mod download

Invest in technology

The level of development is the key to determining national strength. Focus on investing in this area to be able to create the most advanced technologies. Produce more powerful combat weapons to serve the needs of war. The most powerful weapons will be equipped for your army. Helps you fight on par with or outshine your enemies. Make them tremble in your scientific and technical skills as well as in strategy. Applying high technologies to production and business to get a larger amount of resources. Increase productivity in your country as well as in colonies to the highest level and increase your national budget.

Scythe Digital Edition mod android

Block and attack

The enemy is plotting to obliterate your country quickly. Be aware of this and silently prepare yourself for long-term strategies. Start building defenses with high-tech weapons to defend against attacks. Early detection and implementation of prepared plans to defeat the opponent. Attack the enemy’s important buildings and headquarters to disrupt the enemy’s forces. Hit fast and fast, making them unable to turn and defend. Smart people are thoughtful and prepared for every situation. Defeat other players to win the title of the strongest country.

Scythe Digital Edition mod free

Fight with other players

You have many different options when playing Scythe: Digital Edition. You can choose between playing against the computer and playing online with other players. The machine will have 3 levels that are easy, medium, and difficult for you to choose according to your level. If you choose the multiplayer mode, you can invite your friends in and play with them. Playing multiplayer will definitely be more fun than playing against the machine because there are brothers and friends who can exchange with each other. Work together to build and grow, defeating each other in the most intense battles. Don’t miss the fun from Scythe: Digital Edition, build yourself a great country. Destroy the competition and become the strongest.

How to Download & Install Scythe: Digital Edition APK for Android


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