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Join the defence of the general’s fortress and fight the traitor of the army in REDCON. The war for resources has pushed people into pointless wars with each other. Pieces of the earth were torn apart, and everything was ruined after the civil war. But an army stood up to calm the fighting and temporarily hold the peace. However, a traitor has followed evil and turned his face to confront the world’s defenders. That person stole everything and instigated bloody wars that continued to happen. Fight against traitors and return the world to a time of peace before the war.

A traitor who went against the army’s ideal of protecting the world. He gathers greedy people together and runs civil wars with the military. Their forces were constantly increasing while the righteous army faced many dangers. Fortresses are continually created to fend off traitors who attack back to base. The army assigns you to lead to protect the defence and find a way to destroy the traitor. Join the battle of protection against traitors who want to regain army control. Only by defeating those who oppose the military can the goal of world peace become a reality.

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Download REDCON mod – Fight against the combat traitor.

Humanity has created civil war and self-destructed this world because of resource disputes. The endless battles between opposing forces constantly appear and destroy everything. However, the army’s arrival temporarily prevented the civil war from continuing. The world tends to be at peace again, but a traitor has destroyed it. He saw the benefit of taking resources from himself and decided to rob them and run away. In addition, he also reactivated the civil war between humans and thwarted the peace plan. Set up battle fortresses and confront traitors fighting for resources.


World civil war

The scarcity of resources causes people to turn against each other and organize wars. Every part of the world is destroyed, and only one army can regulate the war. But that didn’t last long when a traitor to the military ruined everything. Efforts to keep the world at peace were in vain, and civil war began again. Traitors lead those who create battles for resources against military forces. The terrible war reappeared and became even more fierce when the traitor entered the war. Only by destroying the traitor of the army’s target can the civil war end.

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Fortress army

Before the traitor appeared, the battle with selfish people for resources was always a priority. Your army against civil war must fight them from the built fortresses. Only in defence can you and your army confront the brutal war. In a civil war, survival is also a problem; you must very careful in combat. Your fortress will also help you take down opponents fighting for resources. Enter the fortress base and control the combat vehicles to protect the power. Fight and improve your fortress against the onslaught of civil war invaders.


Stop the traitor

Humans have mercilessly fought with each other just for self-development resources. This civil war is not only for help but also for the territory to develop independently. But the whole world has been destroyed by terrible civil wars created by man. And this is made worse when a man who fights for the re-establishment of peace betrays people. He again started a war pacified by the army and disturbed the world. The battle is even more challenging to solve when you fight the destroyer of the newly established peace. So the traitor has appeared, and it is up to you to stop him from going against the consensus.


Human civil war occurs only because of greed for resources and developed land. But the army controlled by you has entered the fortress and fought against the selfish. Your fortress army has almost stabilized the civil war after capturing all the enemies. However, one person in the military betrayed the original goal and started the fight again. The traitor wants to take over all the resources of this world, but he has yet to complete it. His enemy is the fortress you built because the goal of destroying the traitor is him. Download REDCON mod to stabilize the human civil war and kill the traitor.

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