Top Troops! MOD APK (Arena Unlocked) 1.5.6

Updated 26/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameTop Troops! APK
MOD FeaturesArena Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Top Troops! MOD APK detail?

Turn on the mod after completing the tutorial.

Introduce MOD APK Top Troops!

Emergency! There is war and turmoil everywhere. Primal King is frantically conquering and creating bloodshed on an enormous scale. Are you ready to come to Top Troops! MOD APK (Arena Unlocked) and confront this evil force? Top Troop is a reincarnation of Social Empires Facebook with dramatically different improvements. This game mainly focuses on elements such as: merging to upgrade the army, expanding the king’s management area, or highly fierce PVP battles between the two sides. These are all features favored by gamers. With a short war mechanism, the confrontations will not make you strain your brain too much.

Crafted on the idea of ​​a strategy game, Top Troops! APK mod will evoke and bring out the full potential of your hidden strategy. As a military leader, you will stand between dozens of different strategies. From there, choose the most appropriate direction for the battle. Lead your brave army to justice, command them to destroy the rampage of the wicked. Victory will make you and the heroes the top military on the planet. That journey can be very long because you will discover a specific map with many levels. However, the skirmishes were not mass-produced. The pauses will give soldiers plenty of time to rest.

Top Troops mod

Download Top Troops! mod – Build a leading army

Each fighting game has its own rules for building a mighty army. At Top Troops! APK 1.5.6, your army will be upgraded uniquely: consolidation. Your task is to combine small units in your army to create new subjects with more power, speed, and combat ability. Your force is also quite rich with swordsmen, archers, dragons, trolls, and more. Each type of infantry has its combat characteristics and can complement each other well. Therefore, put them in the proper position in each arena to achieve the effect you are most looking forward to. The mind and reason of the almighty king will be shown here.

Top Troops apk

Participate in epic PVP battles

PVP battle mode in Top Troops! MOD APK It will surely let you experience the feeling of suspense and surprising realism. The army you lead will directly confront the dark forces. They often come in large numbers and have many tricks to harm your side. Therefore, it is necessary to be as alert as possible in each battle. That is also why you need to choose a strategy and organize your army correctly. Plus, after a resounding victory, don’t be complacent. You may think the confrontation is over, but the Primal King doesn’t want to lay down his sword. Let yourself always be proactive!

Top Troops mod apk

Dominate the enemy

Fighting only really stops when you completely overpower the Primal King. Make the Primal King and his cruel army terrify and submit to your heroic action. It is necessary to understand how to utilize warrior and hero types in a unified way. For example, sworders’ ability to deal damage is not high, but they are very good at holding out. This advantage helps to prolong the time while waiting for reinforcements. Or with troll soldiers, although the damage is average, they are very good at protecting the remaining units because they collect a percentage of damage from other melee units.

Top Troops android

Build a kingdom

All fighting effort in Top Troops! All aim for the ultimate goal: to regain the lost land in the hands of the Primal King and rebuild the kingdom. The population will increase exponentially depending on the territories you have won. It is necessary to arrange them into each plot of land so that it is stable and easy to govern and maneuver when preparing to go to war. Your strength has been proven through glorious victories. What about the mighty king’s ability to rule? Prove the power of a monarch in the vast kingdom you have won!

Top Troops apk free

There is nothing better than owning a great army of soldiers to fight against evil. If you are a strategy enthusiast or commander or want to challenge in unexpected battles, then Top Troops! will thoroughly satisfy you. Fast actions will not make you tired but still attractive. Follow the instructions in the game to better understand the soldier who stands beside you. They will only show their maximum strength, and you will be sure of success. For example, the ability to accumulate damage of trolls can be used against assassins. Future monarchs, do not hesitate to download Top Troops now! Mod to unleash the army to fight on a large map.

How to Download & Install Top Troops! MOD APK (Arena Unlocked) for Android


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