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Updated on 10/09/2021 (2 years ago)
NameVery Little Nightmares APK
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Nightmares are very scary things when we go to sleep. It is often the most horrible and confusing thing that appears before our eyes. It makes us panic and wake up after that horrible experience. Express a fear deep in your soul that you dare not face. To experience the worst of nightmares, come to Very Little Nightmares. The place that will force you to face these extremely disgusting things.

Based on the popular parts of the game Little Nightmares on console and pc platforms. Very Little Nightmares acts as a more minimalist version on mobile. With a horror adventure plot that appeals to those who love it. The graphics are somewhat reduced compared to the other version but still retain the attractiveness. Are the smaller stories surrounding the main character. Scary scares during the game will make your heart flutter. Thrilling chases of monsters. Distorted fears are expressed in your own dreams. Let’s experience this scary journey and defeat your fear.

Very Little Nightmares mod apk

Download Very Little Nightmares – Dive into nightmares

Still a story revolving around little Six like the other games. These times will not be her present but her past. Suddenly lost in a strange and scary world, appeared in a shabby house. Your task will be to get her out of here by avoiding the hunt of monsters. The guys in this house are dangerous things that want to kill you. You have no choice but to defeat them and make them die painfully. Dive into different locations and discover dozens of horrible things. Locked, lost people like you are also imprisoned here, don’t let that happen.

Very Little Nightmares mod free

Horror monsters

If it’s a nightmare, you definitely don’t want to face dangerous things. There are disgusting monsters lurking in the rooms of the house. They haven’t tasted human for a long time. They possess terrifying abilities that make it impossible to imagine. If you encounter them, cleverly dodge and camouflage with nearby objects. Take advantage of the openings to be able to hide safely, avoiding being seen by them. When they are discovered, run fast, don’t put yourself in danger. Take advantage of the surrounding advantages to be able to destroy them in the most ruthless way. Don’t give them a chance to return to this place.

Very Little Nightmares mod android

Troubled Labyrinth

The roads of your nightmare are not in any order. They are the collection of your chaotic thoughts in this world. Follow the directions you find on the road and you can get out of there. There are also scary people who can stand in your way. Move skillfully do not touch them because they can rush to tear you to pieces. Sometimes they can be even scarier than the game’s big bosses. In this maze, there are many answers to your questions. Do not miss a detail to be able to better understand the structure of the maze as well as the plot of this game.

Very Little Nightmares mod apk free

Overcoming the pitfalls

Traps are dangerous things that you should stay away from. They will appear in a variety of ways along this journey. Don’t fall into it because you might lose your life. Use your wits to overcome these deadly traps. Don’t let them tempt you for the small gains you need along the way. You can find lots of ways to get out of here safely. These fears and traps will never bring you down. Those cleverly laid-out traps can be seen with a few simple methods, don’t be easily fooled.

Very Little Nightmares mod download

Discover the story

This is the part of the game that is closely related to the main plot of the game. It will reveal the causes and reasons that make many people wonder. The reason why she always wears a colored raincoat at all times. The reason that nightmares always invaded this little girl’s mind. No need for any dialogue, just play and you will understand why it turned out like this. Art of storytelling without words with small pieces becoming a big story. Don’t let nightmares consume your mind. Download Very Little Nightmares mod and fight hordes of weird and disgusting monsters. Escape from the scary nightmare world.

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