Red Stickman: Stick Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited money, skins) 2.7.0

Updated 04/03/2024 (1 day ago)
NameRed Stickman: Stick Adventure APK
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Red Stickman: Stick Adventure

The unique combination of the hit platform game genre with the fighting game genre has created Red Stickman: Stick Adventure, a game on the mobile platform. If you have ever played a scene game, you will also understand the motifs of this game genre. The plot will be about a fireman who goes to rescue his friend. On the way to the rescue, the player must pass a lot of skeletons. Not only that, Red Stickman: Stick Adventure also brings more surprises. There are not only special weapons but also hidden stories inside. Red Stickman: Stick Adventure will help you create your character with different hairstyles, swords, costumes…

The story’s main character is the red stickman in the movie Red And Blue Stickman Animation. You will control the fireman to overcome obstacles. Accompanying the stickman is a flying pet. It will add some other functions to help players pass more quickly. Easy-to-see interface, beautiful character lines. On the way to rescue the blue stickman, the red man will encounter many enemies and traps. With simple moves up, down, left, and right, you can quickly master the movements of the fireman. Red Stickman: Stick Adventure will help you immerse yourself in the adventure of saving the green stickman.

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Download Red Stickman: Stick Adventure mod – Thrilling water girl rescue

Red Stickman: Stick Adventure is an addictive stick game. Anyone familiar with this game genre will know that the main task is to destroy the enemy and overcome obstacles. Thrilling rescue in the company of a flying pet with a particular function. It would help if you controlled both skillfully to defeat the enemy. When moving safely to the end of the road, the next level can be opened. The groups have different terrains as well as obstacles. Players must master the operations to pass. Sometimes Red Stickman: Stick Adventure also has secret skills and gifts on the way to the finish line. The more you collect, the higher the character upgrades.

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Various characters

Obstacles and enemies will be different through each level of Red Stickman: Stick Adventure. Players will be drawn by a variety of obstacles. There are not only skeletons but also giant spiders, poisons,… This variety also requires players to have flexible manipulations. Must dodge forward and backward at the right time to avoid being destroyed easily. Players also have to fight continuously with the big boss for a long time. The bigger the boss, the more diamonds you get. Players can create their firefighters through the shop. Equip different swords according to your preferences. You can also increase the pet’s strength to a higher level.

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Combat Missions

The cogwheels, nail pits, poison yards, … a lot of tasks that players have to overcome. Players must skillfully control both characters to overcome obstacles. The enemies also have functions such as spitting fire or being equipped with swords and poisons. Those with one eye will carry the potion flying above their head. In particular, your pet will be provided with unique functions. For example, it can take a diamond magnet or a speed tag. In Red Stickman: Stick Adventure, interests will help players attract more gold coins. Players must fight to win and unlock new skins for their character.

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The game screen is constantly updated

Red Stickman: Stick Adventure has tons of new levels. The player will open the next level when you pass the maze and rescue your friend. The higher the story, the more complex the monster will be. Requires players to master the manipulation of movement. Controls combine the two skillfully to pass the level. When opening a new level, you will discover a new adventure, bringing exciting experiences. The manufacturer will regularly update new levels of difficulty increase. Indeed you will not have to stop just because of the lack of stories.

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Red Stickman: Stick Adventure has brought a new breeze to players who love this game genre. It is addictive and engaging when we play in our free time. Players can build their stickman through the shop. Equip different swords according to your preferences. You can also play this game with your friends or loved ones when they enjoy spending time together. Help the red stick man to pass each level and rescue his friend. Make sure that you will be attracted by the exciting missions of Red Stickman: Stick Adventure. Do not wait any longer; download Red Stickman: Stick Adventure mod now to be able to participate in this exciting adventure.

How to Download & Install Red Stickman: Stick Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited money, skins) for Android


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