Super Sword MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlimited money) 1.0.24

Updated 01/02/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameSuper Sword APK
PublisherVoxel Cube Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Super Sword MOD APK Information

Install Steps: Important before using the mod
1. Install the Original APK provided below or you can just install it via Playstore directly
2. Open the game and notice that you are signed in with Google ID (Please make sure your Playstore is signed in)
3. Close the game
4. Go to Android/data/com.voxgames.supersword folder and rename it to something else (e.g. com.voxgames.superswordXXX)
5. Uninstall the game
6. Install MOD APK
7. Rename com.voxgames.superswordXXX folder back to com.voxgames.supersword
8. Open the game and enjoy

Introduce MOD APK Super Sword

Super Sword MOD APK is how you build the best journeys. That’s when we can become much stronger. Go on adventures you may not have seen before. Found a lot of things that can benefit me. Fight and become more proficient with everything you own. From there you will have extremely interesting times. Surely, we will be more than adventurers. Each player can also become a master of the weapons they own. That will appear in the distant future, and you can meet when you become the greatest.

Swordsmanship and idle adventures are a great combination. This combination gives us extremely excellent conditions. Only when you participate in those conditions will you see the real value? Transformed into warriors with great power. Complete all the most difficult missions to be able to take advantage of the beneficial things. The gameplay is completely entertaining and comfortable. Don’t worry about all the inconveniences out there. Thanks to that, we can accomplish our goals even better. You will certainly find this to be a quite worthy investment. Experience a story you’ve never seen before with exciting details.

Super Sword mod apk

Download Super Sword mod apk – Adventure in the greatest journey

An evil force threatens your kingdom. Also, constantly promotes influence by destroying everything. Only you have the power to prevent this from happening. To be able to do this, we need a team of heroes. Luckily, the players have recruited the best people. He will join his group of heroes to fight those bad guys. We will have to accompany them to guide them. Upgrade all power-related elements to increase combat ability. From there, you can defeat stronger enemies and reach the journey’s end easily.

Recruit characters

As you saw in Super Sword mod apk, each hero has their ability. There is no single hero that shows too much superiority. You will have a magician with the ability to control magical power. We will have swordsmen with swords and the ability to use weapons skillfully. Archers with extremely accurate aiming ability. All characters will create their characteristics through skills. From there, you can choose the right people for the squad. Build your desired team using all the different abilities. Recruit them all you can.

Super Sword mod

Upgrade equipment

Equipment is indispensable so heroes can become stronger. Each piece of equipment in this game gives us a certain stat. The stronger the equipment, the better the stats it gives. Therefore, we need to hunt for things with high rarity properties. You can find this equipment during missions. Participate in difficult challenges to receive higher rarity equipment. Defeat bosses to win rewards not available anywhere else. In addition, players can also upgrade these equipment according to their wishes by using available materials.

Super Sword mod free

Upgrade skills

The hero’s skills are important for you to aim for. As mentioned above, each character has their unique skills. These characters will automatically use those skills in battle. Each special move brings a certain advantage to us. When we upgrade these skills, the advantages will become even greater. Helps them deploy their moves even better and affect many different targets. Therefore, players need to focus on perfecting their skills. Push them to the highest level and be able to build a more destructive squad over time.

Super Sword mod android

Building a strong enough team of heroes will be a difficult problem. Therefore, players need to know how to change to suit the situation. Your changes can help characters become stronger and stronger. Complete all missions no matter the difficulty. All of them create for us the best conditions to participate in the story. Get everything you need in your way with Super Sword mod apk.

How to Download & Install Super Sword MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlimited money) for Android


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