Detective S MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.21.1

Updated 26/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameDetective S APK
PublisherRawhand Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Detective S

When murders happen, we need to find the killer if he escaped. Detective S will contact detectives to solve these cases. Engage in persistent investigations with a lot of suspicious points. Gather all relevant evidence to find reasonable clues. Find the culprit and bring him to the surface, and face justice. Do what good people should do to create balance for society.

When we want to challenge our intellect, we often look to games of inference. Detective S is the perfect fit to deliver what you need. No need for dramatic motion pictures like other games. It’s all just like a vivid detective story re-imagined. But that is enough for beginners to feel the subtlety in it. All are intelligently made and linked together to create unity.

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Download Detective S mod – Find the person behind the horrible cases

As a talented detective who can solve any case, Detective S unexpectedly receives a letter. It mentioned that if the killer is not found, she will be punished. She could not stand by with her arms crossed and determined to avenge her father. Now you will be the one to help her find the true culprit. Solve all the biggest problems that no one can understand. To solve these problems, you have to join the game find the difference. Find out what makes no sense in another case to uncover clues. When you find all the conflicting details, you will unlock the next level.

Accompanying our detective are two close friends. They are your effective assistant in the investigation of the case. These two people are responsible for collecting small clues and bringing information to you. From there, it is easier to solve the case and come to official conclusions.

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Investigate witnesses

Usually, murders happen in densely populated areas. We can look to the people around us to find more information. You will meet a lot of different people who all live close to the victim. They will give their testimony to help you figure something out. But there will be some contradictory and unreasonable testimonies provided. Pay attention to the details and see who is the liar here. Surely some people don’t know, but some people want to hide something. Don’t let them get past you so easily. Something needs to be done to force them to tell the truth that they know.

Detective S mod apk

Hundreds of challenges

Through the photos taken at the scene, you will have to observe closely. The system will present you with two nearly identical photos. Find the anomalies and differences in these two pictures. Once resolved, you will be taken to the next part of the situation. These challenges will be divided as you are coming to the levels. The later the case becomes more complicated, and you will find it difficult to solve the puzzle. You will have a total of five trials and errors. For every mistake, you will lose a heart. If more than five times you choose wrong, you will lose. Try to complete this challenge before the investigation time is over.

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Unique outfits

Want your female detective to be even more special and amazing? Simply put, Detective S will give you many different options to change. You can unlock these skins using resources earned from rewards. Commander, housewife, director, or bride will be gorgeous outfits. This skin, when activated, will follow you throughout the game. Create a new feeling for those who love the main character. Help Detective S become as stylish as he wants. Creative freedom to never get bored in this game.

If you feel the suspects, you can gather their evidence. If there is enough evidence, you can arrest them for investigating what you know. Surely now, they will no longer be able to deny what they have done. In some cases, things will not turn out the way you think. Maybe they do things that are obscure but for a different purpose. At this point, you will have to release them to be able to find other related things. Incorporate your thinking into decoding games to become sharper. Detective S mod will be the place for you to become an excellent detective.

How to Download & Install Detective S MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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