Treasure Hunter MOD APK 1.0.46 (Unlimited money, tickets, dice)

Posted 1 year ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameTreasure Hunter APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets, dice
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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A treasure search adventure game is waiting for you right now. I am talking about Treasure Hunter, an explorer game that kills monsters and acquires precious artifacts. Sounds really fascinating, right. Very suitable for the followers of the current action-adventure game genre. There is also very simple but extremely relaxing gameplay. You can think of Treasure Hunter as a form of light entertainment when you are free. Since it’s so attractive, I won’t be around anymore.

As a descendant of the legendary 2D adventure games. Treasure Hunter is an action-adventure game developed by a Korean game company. So quality has always been appreciated since it was released. Get the theme of adventuring battle with monsters in teams. In order to win legendary treasures and become the best treasure hunter. The game is very simple but many interesting details. Makes many players praise it for its simplicity but its appeal.

Treasure Hunter mod

Download Treasure Hunter mod – Join the great hunt

The interface of the game is also the Gameplay part. You just need to tap the screen to start your first journey. With a first hunter character. Overcome challenges with small monsters. Increasingly, taking on even higher challenges. Recruiting more powerful teammates, forming the strongest hunter team. Get ready for even bigger and more powerful monsters. During the adventure, you can upgrade each person in the squad. In order to increase physical strength and dexterity for each member, easily face the enemy.

Depending on monsters, strength and endurance will be completely different. Therefore, to face them, everything from equipment and numbers to be prepared at any time. Because when we defeat a monster, we will immediately go up against the next one. So make sure everything is preserved such as strength, health, armor, and equipment durability. If you ignore it, the whole party will probably be destroyed and you will have to start the quest to find the treasure from scratch.

Treasure Hunter mod apk

Rich hunter system

If there are many evil and powerful monsters, there will definitely be heroes to deal with them. The one who controls those heroes is none other than you. Treasure Hunter offers an unassuming number of hunters. Possessing distinct strengths and stats that create diversity in gameplay. The teammates can support each other in fighting the difficult bosses. Along with valuable upgrades for each member. Your squad is already strong and will be even stronger. With tough gladiators, wizards pouring damage and recovering support, your squad will definitely be unbeaten.

Treasure Hunter mod apk free

Many interesting treasures

During the exploration through the lands. We will meet a lot of monsters from small to giant. With many different strains of speed and strength. It will be a big problem for those who are not really prepared. As for those who have a certain preparation. Once you have overcome the giant bosses, you will receive a reward as any weapon. Possesses very specific powers and rarity. If you get them, you will be provided with stats and special skills for each individual hunter.

Treasure Hunter mod free

Special mechanisms

To make adventures and monster battles more challenging and engaging. Treasure Hunter has additional mechanics just for the game. As Reset mode will restart your entire exploration from the very first level. But the speed will increase gradually and you will go faster. Auto-attack mode increases damage and battle speed. Helps you really idle when there is no time to focus on the smartphone screen. And it is impossible not to mention the Offline mechanism of the game. You will still receive rewards and money when you are not in the game. Facilitate the process of expeditions to be maintained regularly.

Treasure Hunter mod mod

Those are the brief details about Treasure Hunter that I can tell you through this article. If you want to learn more, please download and enjoy this game yourself. The interesting things have been shown. Now you will be the one to experience and evaluate it for yourself. But there’s a high chance you’ll get addicted to its addictive factors. If you are sure so, immediately download the Treasure Hunter mod.

Download Treasure Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets, dice) for Android

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