Rebirth Heroes MOD APK 0.0.28 (Unlimited gold/Diamond/Resources)

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NameRebirth Heroes APK
Publisher4season co.,ltd
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gold/Diamond/Resources
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. Unlimited Resources*
*never decrease when you spent

If you love fighting games, but in a simple motif, you can look to Rebirth Heroes. A game version with talented heroes in battles enough to keep you hooked. You have an army full of heroes with a diverse arsenal of weapons. You need to control your units to defeat the enemy. It would be best to have an intelligent game strategy before you start. Don’t forget to take advantage of the respawn ability to give your heroes more power. A game with quite simple content will bring moments of complete relaxation. The world of resurrected warriors has officially opened!

You possess small armies but infinite power. Your heroes are tasked with defeating the enemy. However, each round depends on whether you have a strategy or not. Be very knowledgeable about the opponent and the internal strength of the team. You have heroes; you have weapons. All the rest lies in your ability to hold the army. Images of small but exciting battles will make it hard for you to take your eyes off them. Rebirth Heroes with a simple motif that is extremely attractive to players. Master your heroes and start the battle now!

Rebirth Heroes mod 1

Download Rebirth Heroes mod – Experience the battle model

You have in your hand’s many outstanding heroes. These are all excellent soldiers to support you against the enemy. And just like the name of the game, your warriors can respawn. You will overcome a lot of challenges paralleling these battles. It would help if you focused on finding the direction to fight to defeat the enemy quickly. In addition, valuable treasures and gifts are still waiting for you to discover. Accumulate lots of gifts and items to strengthen your army. Game motif with simple battles but extremely attractive. You have the opportunity to show off your leadership skills and accompany the super cute little heroes.

Rebirth Heroes mod apk 1

Step up your strategy before the game

The number of your enemies can equal or more than the army you own. They have many weapons you need to pay attention to and ensure the safety of your team. The warriors on your team will fight hard according to your plan. You will also many times have to find ways to delay to rearrange your battle formation. The strategies you come up with are a rhythmic combination of attack and defense. Observe and judge well before entering the battle. The enemy will have the skills to defeat you and the heroes. Only victory will help your team accumulate more points or energy. Do not forget to use the weapons and strengths of each team member correctly. You will prove your leadership is outstanding.

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A series of assigned tasks

You lead your team to join the battle to defeat the enemies. But every match will make you lose a lot of strength. Rebirth Heroes with a series of fascinating missions to help you restore the power of the army. Join the heroes actively searching for gold and gems in the tunnels. They are bonus points to create more chances of winning in later rounds. Your warriors are also boosted with energy to continue participating. You can take advantage of the automatic battles to accumulate more gold coins. These gold coins help your heroes gain strength or be revived. You can also find a way to restore by constantly upgrading the four heroes.

Rebirth Heroes apk 1

Eye-catching and lovely interface

Although it is a battle-themed game, Rebirth Heroes does not bring the color of bloody battle. Instead, you enter a duel with your four tiny heroes. Every detail is drawn and polished with great care. You can see the leading brown tone of the mysterious tunnel. You will be satisfied with all the carefully drawn graphics in the game. The characters are drawn relatively tiny in chibi style, but there is no mistake or lack of a minor point. You freely control each of your heroes with attached weapons. All operate smoothly and smoothly in the battle. You will not feel uncomfortable with the slow cases of the game.

Rebirth Heroes android 1

It can be said that Rebirth Heroes is a fighting game version but extremely cute. This is the right suggestion if you don’t like the cumbersome or full of blood from the war. You fight extremely simply with your four little warriors. Don’t forget to revive your teams for more power. They are the most prominent feature of the heroes in this game. You have the opportunity to control and monitor every fight.

Download Rebirth Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited gold/Diamond/Resources) for Android

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