Tank Hero MOD APK (Menu/God mode, onehit) 2.0.8

Updated 29/09/2023 (10 months ago)
NameTank Hero APK
PublisherBetta Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Tank Hero

The tank was a means of fighting that was used a lot in times of war in the past. With strong firepower and tough endurance. Always one of the most important weapons in wartime. Up to the present time, tanks are still appearing in fighting games, typically Tank Hero. This tank fighting game will make you look back at weapons of destruction in the past in a completely different way.

The tanks in Tank Hero are exaggerated in a very showy style. It doesn’t look as thorny and dangerous as the real version. They have a softer, more interesting, and accessible image for younger gamers. Control your tank to master the battlefield, smash the enemy and win against the demise of the enemy base. Gameplay with simple mechanics but will be very accessible to new players. I will tell you shortly.

Tank Hero a

Download Tank Hero mod – Chaotic battle between tanks

A massive attack is about to happen when the enemy tank army fuses together to form an alliance that stops everything. You are a warrior with a mission to destroy that evil alliance. Seize opportunities to defeat the enemy at any time. Owning powerful tanks, you will unilaterally storm the battlefield and defeat each part of the enemy’s agency. If you die in battle, you will have to start it all over from zero. So be careful with the enemy attacks. Put all the firepower you have and win.

Using the vertical screen Gameplay with 3D graphics but the control mechanism in the game is like we are observing everything from the sky looking down. You will control your tank, explore different locations. There will be enemy tanks waiting for us. Kill them all and proceed to the next difficult level. With the goal of defeating the giant bosses and defeating the enemy’s army. You need to equip important elements such as weapons, powerful tanks, bullet-dodging skills, and beneficial effects to be able to win on this fierce battlefield.

Tank Hero b

Rich tank collection

We have a complete range of tanks from their respective sizes, stats, and power. If you know how to use them as an effective countermeasure against your opponents, you can not only get through the screen quickly. But also makes a special impression by extremely powerful but extremely powerful skills. The unique functions of each tank make a clear difference. Some can launch rockets with extremely high explosive power. Someone fired lasers around the entire battlefield. Or the one that shoots bouncing projectiles, they will change direction when they collide with the wall and create very nice effects. Pick up your own vehicle and rage through chaotic battles.

Tank Hero c

Diverse skills and endowment

In addition to modern and modern tanks. You can’t just carry them to the battlefield and fight like martyrs. We need to equip destructive machines with more weapons, skills, and gifts. Weapons, depending on each type, will suit each certain tank. Skills are another indispensable important part. These skills can determine the victory or defeat of an entire battle. Like calling out a giant missile, calling for reinforcements… Along with the random gifts received in each level, you will have the probability of increasing firepower, speed increase or recovery. Plenty of choices are possible and no battle will be like any other.

Tank Hero d

Confront with giant bosses

Epic fighting games like Tank Hero are indispensable for top boss battles and require a lot of skills. From bosses capable of firing lasers across the map. Or have a frightening speed that can follow you at all times. The boss system is decentralized from easy to hell. Like the trials of a warrior. The higher you go and defeat powerful enemies, there will be a new challenge to cope with. Up to a certain extent when you overcame them all, you have become the strongest warrior.

Tank Hero e

To enrich the player’s experience of tanks with many interesting functions. Tank Hero was developed as a means of relieving stress after a period of fatigue. Enjoy thrilling battles that determine your survival. Defeat all the enemies to stand on top of glory, become the number one fighting player. Do not hesitate to join the Tank Hero mod!

How to Download & Install Tank Hero MOD APK (Menu/God mode, onehit) for Android


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