Hero Tale MOD APK 0.3.2f3 (Unlimited money)

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NameHero Tale APK
PublisherWeird Johnny Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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We have all seen films about medieval times in the West. A land with magnificent castles appeared. The powerful knights under the king’s command participate in great battles. You used to wish to experience the feeling of being a true knight and join the fight. Download Hero Tale to be a knight with a brave heart and an honest soul standing up to fight the wicked.

Follow a boy with a very rich imagination to a medieval island. This fantasy island hides a lot of dangers and villains. With his courage, whether the boy can overcome these difficult challenges or not. The adventurous adventure in Hero Tale awaits you. Let your imagination soar and beyond. Use your wits and powerful weapons to defeat your enemies. Discover the lost treasures in the wildest places and claim them. The arduous and dangerous journey is only for knights. Carrying a pure and courageous spirit.

Hero Tale download

Download Hero Tale mod – Transform into a brave knight

Come to Hero Tale as a boy with a rich imagination. You can turn the places you go into strange lands just by thinking. He has equipped himself with the powerful weapons he made himself. Your mission will be to pass all challenging levels. Defeat villains like pirates and evil monsters. Collect the rewards and the most valuable weapons for yourself. A challenging journey of a young knight. Only you can help him achieve his goals. Follow your imagination to fly far too new lands. A place where interesting things are waiting for you.

Hero Tale free

Powerful weapons

As a knight, of course, they cannot lack powerful weapons to defend themselves. The hero’s weapon in Hero Tale, though not as sharp or tough as the real weapon. But with his own ingenuity and rich imagination. The boy turned it into powerful weapons. The swords made of wood have tremendous attack power. The cloth armor could withstand the strongest blows. All of this is very complete for this exciting adventure. You can search for more weapons and tools through the levels. All will be useful in any case. It is possible to exchange for necessary equipment.

Hero Tale mod

Fight the enemy

In the arduous and strenuous journeys of Hero Tale. Our young hero will have to go through a lot of hardships. Including bad guys along the way. You will have to fight and defeat them in a duel. Use your powerful weapons to attack them. Each bad guy has different powers that make it difficult for you to beat them. Take advantage of your intelligence and ingenious hands. Smart strategy, find weaknesses, and defeat them. When these evil enemies are defeated you will receive a huge reward. Pick up your weapons and challenge them now.

Hero Tale apk

Power upgrades

To be able to fight the evil villains in Hero Tale you will also have to prepare very carefully. In which the most important part is to upgrade yourself to be stronger. Please complete hard the tasks that the game sets for you. From there get more experience and use it to add skill points. Skill points will be consumed in the big skill tree by adding points. Please distribute skill points appropriately according to the gameplay you choose. Do not add around because it will make you have no certain path. It is difficult to fight strong enemies. Pay attention to training the character’s long-range and melee skills.

Hero Tale mod apk

Many interesting things await

Enter the boy’s super fun fantasy adventure in Hero Tale. You will experience a lot of cool features in the game. You can use the island treasure card to explore the world. Open up new lands that you have never set foot in. Use the ingredients you collect to make it a useful tool for yourself. Use them throughout the journey with primitive but powerful weapons. Download now Hero Tale mod, and let your imagination fly high and fly away. Transformed into a hero with his sword on the way to destroy the bad guy. Explore magical and new lands.

Download Hero Tale MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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