Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend MOD APK 1.29.37 (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier)

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NameThree Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend APK
PublisherKunYue Game
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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The Three Kingdoms performance means the story that has become the symbol of China. It deals with the fierce war between three separate countries with the desire to win. Those heroic battles have now been recreated in Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend. The greatest champions will now roam at your will. Turn your wildest ambitions into reality.

Set in the historical context of China, Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend is a game with a strategy style. Along with that is collecting cards to unlock your favorite characters. The game’s graphics are not excellent but not inferior to any other game. The interface is designed to be easy to use, providing a good experience for everyone. Meet thousands of historical figures and fight hard in wars. Release all your stress in life with this game.

Three Kingdoms Heroes of Legend mod free

Download Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend mod – Fight and take control

The war between the three nations of ancient China is going on extremely tense. As a person with great ambition, help your generals win. Defeat all the enemies from those countries with your invincible power. Overcome great challenges to make yourself stronger. It would be best if you interacted with the options that the system has given. There is no need to control anything because the heroes will fight on their own. Build yourself a squad with unique generals. Help them maximize their power and sweep the oncoming enemies. Fight for honor with all your might.

Creating a reasonable army is essential because it determines your victory. Should recruit more people who have the ability to heal or create shields. They can bring a certain advantage in protracted battles. Increase the endurance as well as the combat ability of the team to a higher level.

Three Kingdoms Heroes of Legend mod download

Hundreds of Heroes

The powerful heroes of this story have been gathered in Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend. Trieu Tu Long, Lu Bo, Quan Vu, Truong Phi, and others were all present on the battlefield. Recruit them by searching for lost cards everywhere. Every time you earn a new card, you have the opportunity to unlock a new hero. Each of them has a unique power that can defeat all enemies. Collect all these heroes to be able to add them to the team. Let’s go to the battlefield together to see them show their bravery. Only strong people can do great feats.

Three Kingdoms Heroes of Legend mod apk

Conquer the world

Your journey will be divided into different levels spread throughout the map. At each level, you will encounter different enemies. They can be weak minions or enemy generals. Beat them all brilliantly to get a three-star rating from the system. It gives you a lot of high-value rewards that help in developing your character. When you win in important stages, you will get precious chests. It contains a certain amount of resources and character cards. The more levels you pass, the higher your chances of owning new champions.

Three Kingdoms Heroes of Legend mod apk free

Upgrade for heroes

You should know your heroes can also increase their strength even more. Spend a certain amount of resources to upgrade the character you want. When reaching a higher level, the number of stars will increase, and along with that, the stats will also improve. It is possible to earn more equipment to help the character maximize his strength. The higher the attributes, the more terrible the stats. If you have a full set of equipment, your hero will have an eye-catching appearance. Earn extra accessories and pets to increase outside support. Pets can help you fight and follow along the journey.

Three Kingdoms Heroes of Legend mod android

Looking for stronger ones

If your heroes are not strong enough, you absolutely have the right to make yourself someone stronger. Substitute into the squad to get even greater fighting power. In the shop, there is an item called hero summoning. There are two items, normal summon and rare summon. The normal item can be summoned with resources earned in the game. You will have to spend a certain amount of money for rare items to call out a character. What you find will all be high-ranking characters and above, and if you are lucky, they will be high-quality people. Discover many other great features by downloading the Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend mod.

Download Three Kingdoms: Heroes of Legend MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android

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