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Updated 26/10/2023 (6 months ago)
NameSurvival City APK
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Introduce MOD APK Survival City

Zombies are seeking to rule the world. They form large groups to fight together against humans. On the side of humans, we can’t just charge them with weapons. Smarter species need a perfect comb during this pandemic. Survival City is a game of strategy and intelligence. What will you do in this post-apocalyptic world to prove that man is the most powerful creature? Naturally, you will be provided with everything you can do with your imagination. Along with many forces waiting to receive the instructions of the lord is you.

Designed to alternate between day and night, Survival City is about humanity’s journey to build a defensive barracks. Because there is a force plotting to destroy everything and rule the world, you will probably immediately recognize that it is the bloodthirsty zombies. Although they are not intelligent, they live in large groups and grow very quickly. This is a wake-up call for people to do something before it’s too late. Protect humanity by all means and take back ownership of the world.

Survival City mod

Download Survival City mod – Create an impregnable city of humankind

At a glance, you will probably think that Survival City is very similar to its predecessors like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. It’s a good idea that the blockbusters of the past inspire the game. In addition, there are interesting changes to create a substance of its own. Your special task will be to build a stronghold, strengthen the army while it is dark. The night also falls the time when you have to suffer an invasion of the undead army. If not built strong enough, they will destroy your barracks. You will suffer hefty losses. And if you make it through that night, upgrade the barracks to a higher level.

When the moon has set, and the sun rises, a new day begins. During the day, you and your barracks will be actively producing and working. Time waits for no one, and we must make the most of every moment we have. Above all, build fortresses and ramparts and strengthen the army to prepare for the night. Expand the barracks to a larger scale to assert its position. There are many unique mechanics that you and your friends can explore and learn more about.

Survival City mod apk

Prepare to deal with numerous enemies

The undead is the main enemies that you will face on all fronts of Survival City. There is no superior strength or great intelligence. A large number of troops is a great advantage for them to suppress your barracks. Not to mention their power is also evolved through consecutive battles. Therefore, you will likely have to struggle with many different forms of the undead on the following nights. This does not mean complete despair for humanity. We still have a lot of forces behind us, ready to take on any task.

Survival City mod apk free

Build a solid defense base

Working hard to do all the work against the undead is your army. Not only limited, but the soldier function will further strain you. During the day, send multiple expedition teams to gather materials, practice, and produce goods. When the night comes, the barracks are ready to fight. Defend the barracks with all the forces you have, in addition to many of the buildings and weapons, we will cover later. One important thing you should keep in mind is that zombie activity will affect the weather of the year’s seasons. Know the current terrain and climate to make the most intelligent and flexible plan.

Survival City mod free

Arrange and strengthen forces

Only a large force of bare hands is not enough to fight the bloodthirsty zombies. The key here is the weapons you own by collecting resources and money through expeditions. Then use it to build defensive towers or advanced weapons. From watchtowers, mortars to many different types of traps. Equip more than 60 Survivors with the most modern weapons divided by rank. With so many weapons and power, the importance of the war is still the right strategy and moves of the commander. None other than you – Survival City player.

Survival City mod mod

Because it is an Online game, Survival City is also a perfect bridge for players to make friends with many people worldwide. Let’s connect to share your strategy, what you did today. You can play with the friends next to you. Together, build a lot more diverse and unique tactics. Come to Survival City mod and destroy the invasion of the chaotic undead army.

How to Download & Install Survival City MOD APK (Free rewards) for Android


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