Ancient Battle MOD APK 4.1.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameAncient Battle APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money [More]
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Ancient Battle is a unique and engaging strategy game. The game is released by the producer Lion Studio. Ancient Battle will bring you to the ancient world. Home to magnificent fortresses, palaces and fierce territorial battles. Here you will be transformed into a powerful king holding a mighty army. However, you are not the only king there. There are hundreds of thousands even millions of people around the globe playing the Ancient Battle. So your mission in that game is to gather troops, fight and become the hegemon of the world. What is better than being immersed in the ancient world, meeting friends around the world?

Ancient Battle is a game using 3D graphics. The game has beautiful graphics, clear and vivid character images. The game will give you a feeling of excitement, great visual stimulation. You will recruit soldiers to make the army strong and then conquer other armies. The army in the game is diverse in terms of soldiers, weapons, and equipment. Control panel system is easy to operate. In this game, the player in addition to using skills can also use magic in battle. After each victory you will receive many attractive rewards such as treasure chests, spells, soldiers, … Therefore, you should defeat as many enemies as possible!

Ancient Battle mod apk

Ancient Battle mod version

  • Unlimited money. (Gold and diamonds increase when spent)

Download Ancient Battle mod – Game to conquer the ancient world

To conquer the ancient world you must become strong. You build yourself a mighty army with an unlimited number of soldiers. In Ancient Battle, you get to fight your enemies in real-time. Besides, each year there is one season, you will enter a world-class rank race. The higher you rank, the more powerful your king becomes. All you need to do is increase your attack and conquer other lands and kings to win. Upgrade skills, upgrade troops, at the same time collect a lot of magic. This will help you be more advantageous on the way to conquer the ancient world.

Ancient Battle mod download

Winning is easy

At the beginning of the game Ancient Battle, you will have a few instructions for players to familiarize themselves with the game’s operations. First, you will conduct a military selection. The best way is to move to the side of the soldiers and wait for them to join. You can also earn more soldiers by winning other troops and taking soldiers from them. The game has miniature maps to help you easily observe and find targets. Also helps you avoid entering dangerous misty areas. You move to the side of the enemy and stop to attack. To easily defeat your enemies, use the skills and magic and the elite army available to defeat them.

Ancient Battle mod android

Reward variety

With games similar to Ancient Battle, the rewards always get the attention of the player. Like many other fighting games of the same genre, Ancient Battle also has many rich and varied rewards. Not too difficult for you to get rewards in the game. These rewards include gold, soldiers, royal treasure chests, gems, … To get the reward you must win the matches. The more levels you pass, the more rewards will increase. Gold and gems will be used to upgrade troops and weapons. Use gems to open treasure chests to find items, spells, and magic symbols.

Ancient Battle mod free

Build a powerful army

The game gives you a diverse character system. There are many types of soldiers such as archers, spearmen, centaurs, fire fairies, giant lava men, … Please actively move, fight a lot to find more soldiers. The game is not limited to the number of soldiers so you can expand as much as you like. Next, for your army to be strong and powerful, you need to upgrade it. After each successful battle, use gold and gems, received cards to upgrade the king and army. Upgraded skills and spells will help you increase your combat power significantly through each level.

Ancient Battle mod

Ancient Battle is a game inspired by powerful and ambitious ancient warriors. The game gives players moments of thrill, dramatic and attractive. The game helps you connect with many friends around the world. Attractive game content, beautiful graphics, smooth scrolling effects. Ancient Battle has a diverse character system and rich gifts. Mini Map is easy to find. Download Ancient Battle mod to experience and participate in fiery battles. Fight heroically to become king of the ancient world with powerful armies. GameDVA also has a few suggestions about this game genre such as Bid Wars 2: Pawn Shop, Solar Smash. You can consult and experience immediately!

Download Ancient Battle MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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