Touhou Gensou Eclipse MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.11.0

Updated 16/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameTouhou Gensou Eclipse APK
PublisherCAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Touhou Gensou Eclipse

Touhou Gensou Eclipse MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) is the focus of intense action battles. There are beautiful, talented girls and monsters belonging to two entirely opposite schools. Players control characters to fight these strange creatures. They become scary, launching many special moves that make the opponent wary. In urgent situations like that, you must keep a cool head and act decisively. With just one wrong step you can lose everything, this colony will also fall into the hands of those creatures.

You play the role of girls who have a feminine appearance but are extremely strong on the inside. They have their own ways of playing, solving situations according to their ability. These girls could not stand by and watch their territory being taken away so easily, so they immediately marched out and fought to the end. Both sides are fighting for autonomy so there is no concession. The war became more and more fierce, and a lot of damage also occurred. You also replenish your energy in many ways and add new strategies to survive.

Touhou Gensou Eclipse apk free

Download Touhou Gensou Eclipse mod apk – Confront monsters directly

Touhou Gensou Eclipse creates a scenario where a peaceful land is suddenly disturbed by the appearance of monsters. They came here with the purpose of taking human life, which is unacceptable. Because of this excessive invasion, brave girls stood up and faced them directly. You will control them with commands that combine special powers. They had the correct thoughts and actions, only then could they drive away that army of creatures. You need to be fully prepared for everything to return to a peaceful life.

Touhou Gensou Eclipse mod

Change character

Players own a collection of energetic, personality girls. Each person is a separate subject, bringing completely different moments of experience. In general, they all have the ability to fight monsters, their strength also depends on the stage rewards you are converted. Thinking goes hand in hand with action, you need to have precise and flexible control operations. The characters in Touhou Gensou Eclipse APK are upgraded according to the rewards you have, new advancements are waiting. When you reach a certain level, you will receive privileges in character selection and editing. They will do well when players guide them in the right direction.

Touhou Gensou Eclipse apk

Add more weapons

If they only use their youth, these girls will not achieve any victory. The energy you already have, is now the stepping stone to replenish your strength. You can use basic basic tools to integrate into this atmosphere. Touhou Gensou Eclipse APK mod adds guns, swords, and spears to the collection. Each type has a different level of destruction, based on its features for use in different situations. Flexibility is needed in those situations; weapon use will also depend on the number of enemy troops. When they appear in large numbers at the same time, the best solution is to use a spear combination.

Touhou Gensou Eclipse mod apk

Unlock character upgrades

The war at Touhou Gensou Eclipse APK 1.11.0 is becoming more and more intense, an air of murder surrounds the place. Monsters are increasingly proliferating, possessing groundbreaking power. Improve skills thanks to rewards, converted into strength. You can buy more weapons thanks to the coins you earn after each monster victory. The girls need to be cared for and take turns going to the battlefield to operate. You can also customize their costumes, each appearance is an impressive one. You are not allowed to be inferior to the enemy, be strong to hold this territory.

Touhou Gensou Eclipse android

Humans and monsters have existed on the same land. This made the conflict more intense because one country could not have two kings, forcing one side to lose. Because of autonomy, the two sides had times when they fought endlessly. Monsters are always the villains in this war, there is no reason for humans to let go and lose to them. These unique girls fight to the end with you, having precise strategies to save the land they live on. Embody the spirit of a brave warrior in Touhou Gensou Eclipse MOD APK.

Mod features of Touhou Gensou Eclipse

  • Damage Multiplier

Damage calculation helps players increase their chances of winning against enemies. You and the monster both own gauges to gauge the other’s level of existence. From there, there will be accelerated progress as the enemy’s damage rate is decreasing.

  • Defense Multiplier

Bringing troops to fight is not always a good plan. You need to use this defense factor to protect yourself. During combat, when you feel weak, you need to immediately recruit this factor to defend yourself.

  • God mode

The immortality feature helps players survive longer in battles. The girls need to be kept safe, revival can happen. Redeem the rewards you have to survive once more, contribute in combat.

How to Download & Install Touhou Gensou Eclipse MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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