Mages Survival MOD APK (Menu/Damage multiplier/God mode) 1.8.5

Updated 21/09/2023 (1 week ago)
NameMages Survival APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage multiplier/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce Mages Survival MOD APK

Your premise in Mages Survival is possessing all the mighty powers in your hands. Surely it will be an indescribably perfect feeling for you. The way your power destroys enemies will be fierce. You are making it impossible for them to move forward, even one step. Complete protection for the bases we are developing. The authorities, when used in the right place, will be beneficial. Use your unique ability to show the world how strong you are.

2D pixel art is a solid foundation for creating the charm from Mages Survival. It is not an outdated technology and is still applied regularly. Create a classic feeling and no pressure on our brain. The gestures operate but are also extremely eye-catching. Surprise the whole world with unexpected actions. The world of magic is created like a legend. An ancient fantasy movie owned by the player himself. A powerful protagonist with the most outstanding abilities in the world.

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Download Mages Survival mod – Use your powers wisely

When the invaders called Enigma were pouring in, nothing could stop them. One person who can afford to do this is the sorcerer king. The Sorcerer King was born with powerful innate magic. That ability is fully developed as an adult. So with this power, the sorcerer king can go to war quickly. Use your attacks wisely. Move around the map to avoid enemy approach and damage. Then wipe out all enemies until they can no longer spawn. Victory is firmly in your hands right now.

Selection of mage

Mages Survival has a total of six different talented magicians for you to choose from according to your preferences. Each mage possesses a decisive, decisive advantage for skirmishes. They are also representative of six different types of elements in nature. Fire, water, earth, thunder, light, and darkness came together. The mages will fight according to their abilities and your style. The attacks they made were very destructive. The longer you stay in the game, the stronger you become. These abilities, when enhanced, will become even more powerful. It causes enemies to be trapped, damaged, or burned to death.

Mages Survival mod

Power Upgrading

Each level has an upgrade mechanism for magicians to increase their strength. Specifically, every time you level up, you get a choice of three different skills. Your preferences can directly affect your promotion. We can develop a more reasonable plan to fight. Skills can be defensive, offensive, or have adverse effects. It is also because your playing style is affordable and practical. Not only that, but we can also easily survive until the last round. Create a terrifying vibration for the playing field and enemies. The power of the greatest magician will be revealed soon.

Mages Survival mod apk

Stats improvement

The mages’ stats were built based on the levels they reached. You can permanently upgrade these potentials to make the mage stronger in battle. We have strength and intelligence and endurance and education. These stats are enhanced by exchanging gem shards. Each stat is essential in applying skills and dealing damage to your opponents in the Mages Survival mod.

How to Download & Install Mages Survival MOD APK (Menu/Damage multiplier/God mode) for Android

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3. Install and enjoy


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