Knights Fight 2: New Blood MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/Damage Multiplier) 1.1.16

Updated 23/02/2024 (4 months ago)
NameKnights Fight 2: New Blood APK
PublisherShori Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Knights Fight 2: New Blood MOD APK detail?
1. Dumb enemy
2. Attack multiplier
3. Unlimited special attack

Introduce MOD APK Knights Fight 2: New Blood

Knights Fight 2: New Blood is an attractive fighting action game released by Shori Games. The setting takes place in the tumultuous medieval period. The game will take you through bloody PvP battles. The 1-on-1 fighting game is always the choice for those who like excitement. In the Middle Ages, there were always dramatic battles in the Roman arenas. Have you ever thought of immersing yourself in that atmosphere? Coming to Knights Fight 2: New Blood, you will be transformed into the heroes here. Put on strong armor and fight hard.

The way Knights Fight 2: New Blood works, you must have partly imagined it. You will play the role of a medieval warrior in the country of Shorland. The person wearing iron armor, holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, fights the enemy. Each fight will be held in different arenas and locations. But all focus on a particular goal. That is to control your character to fight, defend, and attack decisively. The battle of thousands of pounds hangs a straight hair. Whoever runs out of blood first is the loser. From a third-person perspective, master each move.

Knights Fight 2 New Blood mod apk

Download Knights Fight 2: New Blood mod – play as a medieval warrior fighting enemies in the Roman arenas

Usually, in fighting battles, the plot will not matter. At Knights Fight 2: New Blood will focus mainly on the skill and atmosphere of the game. You know that you will have to fight AI or people from everywhere. These warriors have different looks, equipment, and weapons. But you won’t know anyone’s particular circumstances. You also don’t need to worry too much about these things. Pick a favorite character, put them on the floor and fight hard. That is enough. This principle is favored by many gamers because you don’t have to go through lengthy narrations.

Knights Fight 2 New Blood mod

Weapons and equipment

Knights Fight 2: New Blood has a treasure trove of different armor sets and weapons. To get them, you can search in the store or get them after completing the game’s missions. All types of equipment and weapons can be upgraded with stats and shapes. There are all kinds of armor, from beginner to advanced, here. Wearing these clothes will add to the attack stats and reduce the opponent’s damage. In addition, different weapons also have other uses. Hammers, axes, knives, swords, … each has its strength. Upgrade them to get the most advanced equipment.

Knights Fight 2 New Blood android

Discover new skills

At the beginning of the battle, you are just a tiny unknown soldier with basic skills. After the wars, gradually win and build a name and perfect your skills. Knights Fight 2: New Blood focuses on the craft of harmonizing and mastering the character’s path. Once you have a particular value, you can unlock new skills. Different sword angles, punching and kicking opponents at many points, … Or terrifying tornado sword attacks. To collect high-value skills, you have to put your name first. Combined with 3D graphics, each episode is very realistic and vivid.

Knights Fight 2 New Blood apk

Missions and side stories

Stick to the medieval plot of Knights Fight 2: New Blood. Complete quests and quests to uncover the depths of these stories. In addition to the intense fighting tasks, Knights Fight 2: New Blood also offers side quests for players. These missions help players earn more money and rewards. It is also possible to be rewarded with additional weapons and equipment after each mission. Use the money in the right place to upgrade, buy new skills to benefit yourself. Especially after killing all the characters, you will be taken to the throne and open your own empire.

Knights Fight 2 New Blood apk free

The side story of Knights Fight 2: New Blood is also fascinating if sometimes you feel like playing fighting too much. Instead of choosing bloody battles, the adventure to find treasure in the side story is not a wrong choice. You need to go to many places, collect many pieces to open the map leading to the treasure. The more places you go, the more new things you will discover. The perfect combination of 3D interface with fluid physics simulation. Flexible combat mechanism along with a huge equipment system. The opportunity to become a knight of justice protecting his people. Download Knights Fight 2: New Blood mod to free the innocent people in your homeland.

How to Download & Install Knights Fight 2: New Blood MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/Damage Multiplier) for Android


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