Toilet VS Camera MOD APK (Menu/God mode) 1.0.7

Updated 19/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameToilet VS Camera APK
PublisherSims Puzzle Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce Toilet VS Camera MOD APK

Toilet VS Camera MOD APK – is a continued and improved simulator of the smelly toilet warriors and will delve deeper into the past of superintelligences. There will continue to be filth from toilets with powerful mutant biological abilities. They will be direct opponents to compete for control of the human city with the most powerful supercomputers. It seems that both are the opposite of this world when one side is created from the most natural, most primitive biological formulas, while the other side is made from advanced and modern technology. Indeed, when both sides clash, it will bring extreme attraction.

Just like the previous game, fun and entertainment are what you get the most when experiencing the game. Things will still be similar to what happened, and the tense war will continue. The unique fighting style remains the same, as you need to use tactics to win the clashes. However, be prepared for huge surprises since this is a new version. There will be big bosses, and what will happen when you can create those scary bosses yourself. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of sophisticated models and the beautiful scenes of highly detailed human cities through 3D graphics.

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Download Toilet VS Camera MOD APK – A civil war for power between the two most significant forces

The war situation from part one was terrifying and tense. All humans have evacuated to safer areas, leaving the city a fierce battleground for both sides of the scary creatures. After prolonged fighting, the two sides have had particular successes, but their strength is still highly equal. Countless elite warriors from both sides fell. Therefore, they thought and decided to cooperate to share this city. However, nothing would be interesting if things were that simple, so two spies joined hands with both sides and devised a dark plan.

Toilet Monster free 2 min

Chaos war

It was thought peace was coming, but traitors from both sides incited different ideological civil wars on both sides of the battleline. Creatures that fight each other mercilessly now have a new ideal of not fighting for their fellow humans but fighting for their own faith. The same happens with technological machines, considered a source of pride and represent superior human intelligence. People with a common ideal began to gather into gangs and attack each other. A team can contain many different elements from both sides if they are of the same ideology.

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Innovative technologies

This time, you can control characters on the advanced technology side. They are machines made from humans. But unfortunately, their incident also happened at the same time as the toilet warriors. These artificial intelligence with cognitive abilities want to live as themselves, and they have decided to use human-shaped robots and electromagnetic devices as their vessels. Supercomputers infiltrate the controller and take control of these merged entities. In some cases, robots will take on the bodies of other creatures because there are not enough bodies of human warriors.

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Stats of each character

This time, you will clearly understand the strength of each warrior before each battle. There will be two fundamental indicators: damage and ability to withstand attacks. As long as you have those two things, you will have the necessary information to build a squad as you want. In addition, there are still exceptions when they are genuinely invincible super soldiers. Those are the bosses whose damage and resistance are incredibly terrible. You can own them if you know how and have them in your squad; the victory will be more in your favor.

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Familiar combat style

Still, with the old way of arranging squads and cells, you will have to balance your money and put creatures together to create stronger ones. There will be some time for you to prepare and rearrange your squad before the real battle begins. At the end of each match, there are gifts. The more fiercely you fight, the greater the rewards you receive. Fight for your ideals at Toilet VS Camera MOD APK.

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