Sushi Roll 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.8.9

Updated on 18/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameSushi Roll 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you ever thought that you would be the one to make your own sushi? Make the most delicious and attractive Japanese food by yourself. Sushi Roll 3D is the game just for you. For players to cook, make delicious sushi. One of the games dedicated to those who love to cook. For the user to cook delicious food. Improve your cooking skills. In addition, it is also a game to entertain you when you are free. Both relax and cook, so the sushi is delicious. Sushi Roll 3D will accompany you. And will make lots of delicious sushi dishes.

Not only do the sushi yourself. When playing Sushi Roll 3D, you will have more cooking tips. Your skills will be improved day by day. Make fragrant sushi that attracts many customers. The food you cook is always looking for by many people. Helping the restaurant is always crowded and has a high income. Sushi Roll 3D is one of the fun cooking games. Quickly for you to become a talented chef. Not only sushi but also a variety of other dishes. Are you ready to make sushi plates? Get your fuel and cookware ready! The sushi will be completed quickly. Become one of your forte dishes.

Sushi Roll 3D mod

Download Sushi Roll 3D mod – Make Japanese sushi

You love Japanese cuisine. Always wanted to be able to cook the dishes of the country of the rising sun. Sushi Roll 3D will help you achieve that desire. Make sushi simply with the ingredients available. One of the things that you have always dreamed of. It is possible to cook Japanese food, which is highly praised. Well now, let’s go with Sushi Roll 3D. Cooking game of Japanese culinary paradise. You will be a talented chef. The dream of reaching the level of cooking in an attractive dish is not far away. Sushi Roll 3D will work with you to make eye-catching sushi dishes. Delicious and colorful, attracting more people to eat.

Sushi Roll 3D mod free

Sushi chef

You will be the one to prepare all the ingredients as well as the things to cook. Cutting, slicing, and rolling rice are the things you will have to do. To be able to delicious rice rolls. The faster you make it, the more sushi there will be. This way you will attract a large number of customers to eat. Both processing and bringing the best dishes. To please them and will come to the next time. A chef who is good at all skills. Not only in processing but also in a way of knowing how to attract all customers. Choose the right food ingredients. Cook in such a way that the sushi has enough spices and causes memory for the person eating. Delicate the eatery and be ‘addicted to the food you cook.

Sushi Roll 3D mod apk

Selection of ingredients

This is an extremely important stage in cooking. With the ingredients, you can cook the dishes. To cook sushi requires some fuel. That is seaweed, fish, rice, some spices such as chili, caviar… Choose fresh and delicious food and ensure food safety. Once you have the ingredients available, you will be able to make sushi. The selection of foods is not too difficult. But it also determines the quality of the dish. Choose from a variety of nutritious ingredients to cook sushi and other Japanese dishes. Affirming talent in cooking and being praised by many people.

Sushi Roll 3D mod android

Restaurant decoration

Not only the dishes, but your restaurant is also adorned. Customers will pay great attention to the appearance when coming. Then we pay attention to the quality of the dishes. Clean, nice, and airy restaurant will also score more. You need to clean and decorate the cafeteria in the best way. Arranging tables, chairs, curtains and well-ventilated cooking spaces. Place furniture as well as attractive display items.

Go through each cooking level and win the high scores. Collect a lot of revenue for the restaurant. From there, your restaurant will have a name and become a famous brand. The quality of the food is delicious as well as the nice dining space. Sushi Roll 3D lets you show off your cooking talent. Cook delicious sushi. Attract a large number of customers to eat. Download Sushi Roll 3D mod cook good chef.

Download Sushi Roll 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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