Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) 1.7.24

Updated 08/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameDragon Paradise: City Sim Game APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, god mode
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game

Compared to many construction simulation games on smartphones. A lot of gamers are looking forward to a new combination. Instead of merely building buildings in the human world. Meet that need with limitless creativity. The building-based genres are constantly being born. There is one category that is dragon city building. Featured with the game Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game. Then compared to ordinary city building. What is the difference between a dragon city? But it attracts such a large number of players.

Not merely “building” combined with “dragon”. Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game is also a complete game in many ways. To make the success and the attraction as it is now. Must know how to integrate the two above factors together in the most intelligent and creative way. And the developers have had success releasing a game. In which you can create your own dragons. Make a home for them and develop a beautiful dragon city. It is not difficult for players to choose many simulation games that they like. Let’s Survive, Kingdom Adventures are all receiving attention and installation recently.

DragonxDragon mod

Download Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game mod – City dragon dreaming

Assigned to create a dreamland to your liking. You are the owner of this place, use gold coins to build buildings. There is an introductory building available when you have just created a new world. That’s where you hatch your eggs. Exactly, these are the dragon eggs. Shop for the cheap eggs first. Place it in the incubator for it to expand. It will not take too long at the initial stage for you to own an adorable baby dragon. Now, build a habitat for your dragons to have a place to live.

Each dragon possesses a different shape and element. You can buy them directly in the store for them to be paid. And I recommend using money to buy incubation eggs. It doesn’t take too long to own them. As you grow them with food, dragons will change shape and mature. That is when they possess a certain amount of power that you can use in battle. Also, manage all the buildings you build in Dragon x Dragon.

DragonxDragon mod apk

Outstanding works

Regarding the building in Dragon x Dragon, I guarantee that you will not take too much time to own a peaceful little neighborhood in the early stages. The works during this period are very cheap. You can build them up and wait for a certain time to complete. We have habitats for dragons. Variety of elements and sizes. Many farms provide food for the dragons. Arena to perform many battles. And there are many other items or decorations. With reasonable prices and affordable, just hard work you can own many beautiful buildings.

Breeding cute dragons

Lots of dragons with the full range of elements in the game. From Fire, Water, Tree, Earth… Each type will possess similarity to its element. The shape of the eggs will also be similar to that of the dragon. Each hatching will depend on the rarity and cost of the dragon you own. If you do not want to buy directly. Please mix 2 dragons that you have together. To create a new species that carries the element of a combination between its father and mother. For example, two dragons of fire and earth combined together. Very likely to give birth to a dragon-related to a volcano. There are many other crossbreeds that you are free to try.

DragonxDragon mod apk free

6vs6 combat

Once your dragons have grown to a high level. Has a voluminous physique compared to the original? That is when you should consider putting them into the squad to fight in the arena. Limit up to 6 dragons per match. Rank among the most powerful dragons you own. Face off against your opponent’s dragons to see where your level is. In each match, the dragons will be cast in turn. The dragon who is defeated first will lose. Develop the smartest tactic to climb up the international rankings.

Join or create a big family

The number of players is quite crowded and noisy. Now everyone will want to play together. To share your dragon breeding experiences, meet and socialize with many new friends. It was even possible to create a party for everyone to play with. Joining guild activities, doing daily quests is not tedious. And getting more guild rewards is also worth looking forward to. What could be more interesting than being able to play with everyone?

DragonxDragon mod free

When not too much interest in the usual construction simulation games. Try giving yourself a new feeling with Dragon x Dragon. Where you will find adorable dragons anywhere. Moreover, it is also moving your own hand created. If you consider the long-term, the game can completely make you feel happier and less stressed in life. Everything is in Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game mod, download, and explore.

How to Download & Install Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) for Android


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