King Royale MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.1.37

Updated 02/04/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameKing Royale APK
PublisherWicket Gaming
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 9.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK King Royale

King Royale MOD APK (Unlimited money) is an idle game where you can expand your kingdom. You play as the kingdom’s king, in charge of all activities in the domain. Create valuable exercises that can support the future of the field. But unfortunately when the princess, the king’s most beloved daughter, was kidnapped. Mischievous goblins appear and take the king’s only daughter away. At this point, the king must decide to hire workers to serve the kingdom, from hiring gold miners, developing the area and going on missions against goblins. Thanks to that, your domain becomes more and more prosperous.

In King Royale APK 2.1.37, you will be in charge of a kingdom and allowed to shape its future. You can command and control your subordinates to complete various tasks, such as gathering resources, taking prisoners, conquering, etc. In addition, players can participate in activities related to gathering resources. This is to increase the amount of assets available to their kingdom. Moreover, you can send subordinates to areas to harvest resources such as food, minerals, and other valuable resources. Without the support of financial resources, expanding your kingdom is impossible.

King Royale android

Download King Royale APK mod – Become the king to expand the kingdom and rescue the princess.

In addition to collecting assets, you need to invest in building an army that includes soldiers and battle dragons. They are your weapon when facing hordes of evil goblins. In addition, the game provides a kingdom map that you can use later. When launching attacks, players can target specific areas of the map. This is to eliminate enemies and uncover the keys of hidden treasure chests. You will also be able to investigate mysterious dungeons inhabited by various monsters along with other warriors and heroes. You will face many types of heroes, each possessing significantly superior strength.

King Royale apk free

Magic Key

Each battle takes place between your army and the enemy’s army. In the reward chest, you can own the keys if you are lucky. They have different shapes and symbols; each key corresponds to a separate area. Just unlocking all these islands, the player will unlock the dungeon holding the princess. The size of the green island inhabited by a forest goblin is a key made of wood. The island is brown; the key has a blue skull symbol. The island of Sa Sat is yellow; the key is shaped like a crab claw.

King Royale mod apk

Destroy the goblins

Depending on the island you must explore, goblins and enemies appear differently in these areas. Players can both fight monsters and earn more money from these islands. Maybe you face an army of green goblins armed with armour and weapons. Or face-to-face with a skeleton that is dry but fully capable of fighting. The enemy team that was the fighting army of another kingdom was no longer a strange thing. Killing a group of people will make them disappear and turn into dazzling gold coins. This source maintains the existence and development of the kingdom you have created.

King Royale mod

Character Unlock

Players collect a lot of new heroes with superhuman abilities to make the battle go faster. The fact that you collect hero cards in the game is no longer a strange thing. With many exciting skills ranging from a warrior in a cloak of righteousness. Or a mage with a staff with an orb of power on it. There are also veteran heroes with many years of experience fighting in this arena. Owning as many heroes with high power stats helps you reach your goal faster. Since then, collecting six keys is no longer difficult for you.

King Royale apk

Upgrade heroes, soldiers you hire to speed up the battle. In addition, this character upgrade also shortens the time your worker acts. This can help you close the gap in becoming a tycoon managing the kingdom. Please set up a fierce battle strategy to make it easier to win. Explore reward chests, and satisfy your curiosity about your gold treasures. Beneath the dungeon is the existence of monsters, where you need to confront them head-on. Download King Royale MOD APK to become king and rescue the princess from goblins.

How to Download & Install King Royale MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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