Through the Ages MOD APK (Unlocked) 2.19.932

Updated 13/11/2023 (3 months ago)
NameThrough the Ages APK
PublisherCGE digital
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Through the Ages

Famous figures in history all have their own influence. People have superior intelligence, find out the laws of gravity. People have the ability to command strategies to win every battle. The achievements they bring are the way for them to write their names in world history. Those geniuses are the ones who promote the progress of mankind. Bring us a modern life like now. Explore Through the Ages and build your own empire. AFC – Space Shooter, Block Mortal Survival Battle is also a few games that you should play if you want to experience many different games.

Built in the form of popular western board game with fun stuff. Through the Ages will definitely be a game you cannot ignore. It gathers many characters from the history of the ages. Start building a kingdom of your own according to the achievements of great men. An extremely engaging development game with easy gameplay. Make the right strategic choices to build a strong foundation. Test your perseverance with difficult situations. Learn how to build yourself a large-scale model and manage it effectively. Make it more developed over time.

Through the Ages mod download

Download Through the Ages mod – Build your own empire

You have the money and conditions to build yourself an empire, don’t waste it. Let’s make it grow and prosper through technical achievements. Start building structures like houses and army barracks. Train powerful armies to be qualified to fight. When you collect enough resources, you can move to a higher level. The technical achievements of each life will be different and you need to earn enough materials to own them. Build a strong country against the invaders. Destroy other countries to gain more resources and eliminate them. Your country will be built by you.

Through the Ages mod free

Towards the great eras

Your first friend will only be in BC with very outdated things. But gradually you will grow more through milestones and periods. Developed from the time of slavery to the time of crowded transportation. you need to know how to calculate and buy more modern equipment when it comes to life. The right equipment at the right time will earn you the right people and the right amount. Experiencing historical times such as medieval, renaissance, or modern. More and more you can reach the top of human society. Make spaceships to help people fly into vast space, build modern and famous buildings.

Through the Ages mod apk free

Competing with neighboring countries

Neighbors are your biggest obstacle and threat to your country. By outgrowing them you will be able to beat them. Race modern weapons technology, build advanced works. Train your troops and add the most powerful weapons of war. Create a nation that is always the most developed and can not be defeated. Conquer and sweep the neighboring countries so that they will fear you. Resist large-scale attacks against the nation and damage its interests. Crush them with your modern technology and don’t give them a chance to grow stronger. This is the truth that your nation can stand.

Through the Ages mod apk

Invite friends to play

Friends are those who always support us in life. Call them in now and play with you to start combining into alliances. The larger and stronger an alliance, the better it will support each other. Protect each other from invaders and provide food for each other. The combined power is what blows away strong but lone enemies. They can touch you but not a big alliance. This is an opportunity to expand and expand the territory of your country. Together equip the army with modern equipment and bring it to battle. A large army allied with each other will terrify the enemy.

Through the Ages mod android

Discover the level of the machine

You can underestimate the power of the machine in other games but not with Through the Ages. The machine in here will have levels from easy to difficult for you to choose. It will fight as intelligently as a human depending and you choose. Beating the machine helps you practice the necessary skills. Learn a special strategy to win the fastest opponent. The skill levels of the machine will tell you what level you are at. From there strive more to be able to master strategies and meticulous plans. Download Through the Ages mod to take your empire to the next level. Upgrade the most modern equipment and weapons.

How to Download & Install Through the Ages MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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