Train Army MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Gold Increase) 1.0.0

Updated 27/09/2023 (5 months ago)
NameTrain Army APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money/Gold Increase
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Train Army

Train Army MOD APK needs your help to train the most potent force. With rigorous training procedures, our soldiers will be gradually built up. There is an increase after specific periods of maturity. Then, they are ready to do all the tasks you assign. Get the best loot so we can accumulate. We are serving to build an even stronger army in the future. With modern equipment, it will help a lot in battles. You will also learn tactics in all fights and build a stable army.

Train Army is one of the idle genres worth trying. It offers an attractive tactical model regarding the military. Brings the whole theme of war weapons as well as exciting strategies. Thanks to that, we can learn how to expand what we have. Enhances the performance of all soldiers under your control. Although it is only a simulation, it creates many benefits for us. From learning to practice, everything has been summarized. Throughout the battles, you will become a talented general. Not only can you clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses, but you can also face more dangerous enemies than usual.

Train Army mod android

Download Train Army mod apk – Create your own strongest army.

You own a rudimentary training camp and don’t have too much investment. We will begin recruiting soldiers to place them in training rooms. In these training rooms, soldiers will practice with the items they have. From there, improve the experience and level of these people. Once you feel they are strong enough, send these people to the battlefield. They will fight enemies and defeat them to win rewards. Once you have received the bonus, you can use it to expand the size of the barracks. Provide your soldiers with better conditions to practice and become strong.

Upgrade weapons

the Train Army mod apk will give you a new weapon at each level. That weapon will be used on soldiers in your squad. We will start simply with a pistol that doesn’t damage much. Then, progress to the submachine guns. More powerful will be specialized rifles. You can then upgrade to a sniper gun or machine gun. Increases the maximum potential of these weapons with massive damage. Help your soldiers have more advantages during battle. Quickly finish off powerful enemies and their weapons. Defeat the most robust defenses.

Train Army mod

Intense battles

When entering the campaign, you will see many enemy locations arranged on a map. You must go to each place to capture and save the people being held hostage. Enemies in the following barracks will become increasingly more vital. That also means you have to upgrade your army to become stronger. The campaign will only end when you destroy the enemy. Escape using waiting means. Our rewards are also very diverse to collect. Increase the volume of our assets larger. Expand conditions to upgrade your barracks.

Train Army mod free

Enhance skills

When fighting, your soldiers will also be enhanced by auxiliary skills. These skills will help us get a few minor advantages. It can even create significant changes when fighting enemies and putting them at a complete disadvantage when facing us. These skills can include fire breathing, lightning, or earthquakes. As you increase their level, the effectiveness will be higher. The amount of damage dealt is also more significant to the enemy. It helps you turn the situation around and increase your chances of winning. Conquer more levels with significant changes from these provided secondary skills.

Train Army mod apk

With this game, even if you are inactive, you can get benefits. Soldiers will continuously train and fight to be able to generate income. With this source of idle income, you will continuously increase your assets. From there, apply them to essential upgrades in skills and facilities. Strengthen your soldiers to their full potential by using daily revenue sources. Train Army mod apk will accompany you with your army.

How to Download & Install Train Army MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Gold Increase) for Android


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