AFC – Space Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money) 6.0

Updated 25/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameAFC – Space Shooter APK
PublisherALL GAMES (Arcade, Puzzle, Casual)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK AFC – Space Shooter

Spaceships have always been a futuristic technology that many people love. A combat machine with a plane-like form but equipped with countless advanced weapons. Can fire laser beams that destroy enemies in front of them. You will often see them appear in a lot of fiction movies. Movies about space warfare with the most modern technologies. If you want to experience the feeling of controlling that spaceship, come to AFC – Space Shooter.

The alien war has come very close between the factions in the universe. Fight to find your footing in this conflict. A shooting game set in the vast and vast universe. With extremely detailed graphics with the most vivid sound. Take a breath of modern futuristic civilization. The gameplay has a great appeal that will attract a lot of players to join the fight. A real battle for highly skilled and experienced players. Leave everything behind to control your own spaceship. Judge the fate of the enemy by your ability.

AFC Space Shooter mod android

Download AFC – Space Shooter mod – Drive a warship to destroy the enemy

To prepare for your battle you will be given a ship to choose for yourself. That ship will bring you to the glory of this heroic war. The method of controlling the train will be extremely simple and not complicated at all. Just drag your battleship to where you need it. The battleship will fire bullets continuously and you only need to control it to hit the target. Along with that is combined with dodging bullets from enemies. Do not get hit by too many bullets from the enemy or your battleship will be destroyed quickly. Your game will have to stop regretfully. Try to get the highest score and take the battleship far away.

AFC Space Shooter mod apk

Awesome battleships

Battleship driving game, of course, must also have great ships. There will be 5 extremely powerful battleship models below for you to choose from:

  • Commander: A battleship equipped with a lot of dangerous weapons and the most solid shields, is the product of a corporation of Venus.
  • Phoenix battleship: This is a battleship with the most advanced technology stolen from a civilization, dubbed the fastest ship in the galaxy.
  • Hawk Battleship: A battleship with the best-advanced equipment and features. Like a real hawk with speed, power, and precision.
  • Battleship: A ship filled with gloom owned by a mysterious monk. Filled with dark magic and a deadly curse.
  • Battleship KAME: A legendary battleship with unparalleled power that has never been defeated. Created from a place filled with legends of famous warriors.


AFC Space Shooter mod download

Lots of challenges

There will be many levels stretching along with the story of the game. At each level, you will have to fight countless different enemies. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually through the later stages. Requires players to improve their skills. The game screen will have times when the enemy appears a lot and needs you to handle it well. Let’s do how to both destroy them and be able to dodge the dense bullets. Calmly predict their direction as they will follow the trajectory. There will be gaps for you to fly into to protect yourself. Go through the hardest levels to get rewards.

AFC Space Shooter mod apk free

Aggressive bosses

The enemy’s small ships were just pawns for that behind. The new bosses are the ones you should worry about the most. They possess an extremely large and terrible size. They are like the demons of the galaxy with earth-shattering power. They can fire extremely dense bullets that make you dizzy. Just hit one of their moves and you will die. Along with that, their extremely thick blood is also something you should feel afraid of. Come up with a really good strategy to be able to fight them.

AFC Space Shooter mod free

Friends are the source of our motivation to play better. Invite your close friends and let’s fight and support each other. Moreover, you can also fight other players in the fierce PvP mode of AFC – Space Shooter. What are you waiting for without downloading AFC – Space Shooter mod, the best space shooter game of all time right now.

How to Download & Install AFC – Space Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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