The Twins MOD APK (Stupid AI) 1.1

Updated on 07/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameThe Twins APK
MOD FeaturesStupid AI
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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When you come to The Twins, you will experience an adventurous adventure. In the game, you will have to act as a thief and help the thief atone. Your mission is to steal things from the hands of notorious thieves. Be very careful when breaking into buildings because you will have to hit two, it will be a very disadvantage. However, please try because your character has stolen too much. You are caught upright and given two options. Half-life imprisonment or trying to reclaim valuable possessions from two other thieves. To date, the game has been downloaded more than a million times with countless praise.

Although The Twins has just been released by DVloper. But most have received praise from the user community. Role-playing as a thief, you will feel the thrill of having to search for items in each room. Also, pay close attention to the other two thieves lest you have no more existence. Be careful and search, avoid contact with the other two. Find items, hide them if found so they can survive. Pay attention to read all the article to better understand your gameplay, it will not take too much of your time. It will help you to complete the challenge more quickly and easily.

The Twins mod

Download The Twins mod – Get back valuable items from thieves

Although in the game you will have two choices. One was in prison for half a life, and the other was to steal property from other thieves. And of course, no one wants to go to jail, right? When breaking into the house, pay attention to each of your actions and actions. Listening to it also feels really nervous and worried. Wish you successfully robbed the item without being discovered by two thieves. Download The Twins now to help thieves redeem their mistakes. Get the credit to take back property to atone for previous mistakes. Helping him return to his normal life and do whatever he wants.

The Twins free

Interesting gameplay

Your mission when coming to The Twins is to break into the house of two thieves. Enter the rooms to find clues and weapons. Every time you go into a room, players will have to open all the cabinets, find the necessary tools. Finding is assembling individual things into one piece of utility. And the most important thing is to quickly find precious items and take them with them. If thieves find you, kill them and run away quickly. Because these two thieves will not be completely killed, they will be revived after a minute and a half.

The Twins

Besides picking up items, remember the specials. There will be items that can be used together, all you need to do is remember and bring the item to the room to use. The best thing is to find the gun so that you can kill the other two thieves. Be careful of the rooms every time you enter, because there will be traps that explode inside. Let’s lure two thieves into the trap out of effect and then go inside. After discovering the house of two thieves. You should find a way out of the house, so you have helped the thief complete the challenge and return to normal life.

The Twins down load

Simple weapon equipment

Breaking into the house, you will not be equipped with any weapons. The weapon or equipment you have is picked up and found by you. Run around the house and look for them, each with its own unique use. It can help you kill two thieves or it can also help you remove seals. Or more than that, you can get the treasure thanks to those equipment. A simple example is if you come across a rebuilt door, you can’t break it barehanded. You can search for explosives and destroy that building. In addition, there will be a lot of other equipment that you need them.

The Twins apk

The Twins is an action game but has a style of play that is almost like a simple puzzle game. Because, you will have to pay attention to the two thieves, but also think and search. Precious items will be hidden very well and getting them is also quite difficult. Besides, you also need to patiently look for equipment or keys. If you try to play The Twins then you will know that style and rules are not difficult. The rules are simple, and I think you’ll get caught up in this game for hours. Quickly download The Twins right away to experience the thrilling, thrilling moments. As well as helping the thief get a refund and a good life.

Download The Twins MOD APK (Stupid AI) for Android

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