Galaxy Storm MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money) 1.01.52

Updated 13/04/2023 (1 year ago)
NameGalaxy Storm APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Immortality, Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 8.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Galaxy Storm

Enjoy the feeling of controlling spaceships and fighting in the game Galaxy Storm. The storm destroyed the galaxy, and it also killed all the planets. Existing technologies of worlds move everywhere in search of a new source of life. Earth is lucky to escape the galactic explosion but has to face other planetary enemies. The whole earth trusts your ability to control your spaceship out into battle. Compromising with enemy attacks only makes the safety of the earth increasingly threatened. Control the weapons of the spaceship and shoot down enemy invasion campaigns.

A storm has spread across the galaxy and destroyed the planet the storm passed by. From this moment, people realize they are not alone in the universe. There are always people living around, but only humans have yet to discover them all. But humanity is faced with an onslaught of enemies, not with messages of peace. They want to take over the earth and make it a replacement for the destroyed planet. Humans must quickly shoot down the threatening spaceships and launch a counterattack. Defend the planet’s safety from the destructive storm and stop the invading ship.

Galaxy Storm android

Download Galaxy Storm mod – Defense of space ship invasion

The planet of the spaceships out there was destroyed by a storm. So they decided to fly to earth and make this place their world. Any messages of peace are ignored, and fighting is the only way to awaken them. The spaceships will allow you to move out and confront them. Initially defend their invasion in the atmosphere and then counterattack the enemy. Pass over fifty stages to fight the spaceships invading the earth. Fight off the alien invaders’ ships and wipe out the invaders.

Galaxy Storm free

Space warship

Protecting the earth is your responsibility in front of an army of enemy warships. They have lost their home after the space storm, and only this place can continue to live. But humanity will not give up the house to the invaders and is forced to fight. You are allowed to use battleships with human technology and fight space enemies. They are aircraft that can fight in outer space and are upgradeable. Your warships also get special weapons and use them in combination. Drive the warship into outer space and repel their invasion of the earth.

Galaxy Storm apk

Confront the invasion

Those who lost their planet after the storm will use all their forces to invade the earth successfully. The first wave of attack you face is just the invader’s earth exploration force. But the world cannot passively receive the enemy’s attack but must conduct a counterattack. The journey to confront the invading warships will not be easy because many campaigns are ahead. The invaders divide the earth invasion into dozens of stages, and you must pass them all. If your counterattack fails, the enemies will entirely control the earth. Persevere, steer your ship through the space wars and destroy the invaders.

Galaxy Storm mod

Hope of life

Although the storm did not destroy the earth, it brought alien invaders. You will travel to where the storm has passed and see how devastating it is. Your journey will have to confront enemy spaceships and must defeat them. Each enemy invasion ship represents its destroyed planet. And they take with them the residual energy of the earth and turn them into brilliant stars. Those stars are a source of energy for you to supplement the battleships. Shoot down enemy invaders and collect stars from persevering in the space war.

Galaxy Storm mod apk

An entire galaxy has now become sparse after a destructive storm. Earth was fortunately unharmed but received an invasion from a space warship. They will risk everything to take over the earth because their planet has been destroyed. You must steer the ship away from the world and protect this place from future invasion. The spaceship you control will be the only hope to preserve the planet’s life. Protecting the earth from invading warships will be very difficult; be patient. Download Galaxy Storm to use your spaceship to fight and take down invading warships.

How to Download & Install Galaxy Storm MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money) for Android


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