The Isle Tide Hotel APK 1.1

Updated 23/09/2023 (1 week ago)
NameThe Isle Tide Hotel APK
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce The Isle Tide Hotel MOD APK

The Isle Tide Hotel MOD APK is where you can discover mysterious stories at a hotel. You will transform into a father and begin mysterious discovery journeys. That’s where your teenage daughter became enthralled by the cult and couldn’t escape. So, you have to investigate the events there through interactive stories. The people you communicate with will provide you with information you need to sift through. And you will decide as the father to try to save his daughter. Embark on interactive journeys at the mysterious hotel and discover stories.

Your mission is to save your daughter, Eleanor Malone, from her mysterious disappearance. And the last place you heard from her was at the Isle Tide Hotel. That’s where a mysterious cult operates, and they seem to have manipulated your daughter. So you will go to this hotel and communicate with the people around here. Then, you can learn about past and future events to look for clues. And it would be best if you made your own decisions to uncover the mystery to rescue your daughter. Transform into a father and immerse yourself in stories at a spooky hotel.

The Isle Tide Hotel mod

Download The Isle Tide Hotel MOD APK – Decode the mysteries at the hotel to rescue your daughter

You have begun your journey of discovering stories as you interact with people. And the people you can meet here are all played by real people in real life. They may have witnessed the story of your missing daughter at the hotel. So, you must explore the characters’ combinations and uncover their mysteries. Those people will gather together, and you can communicate with many people simultaneously. However, they could also be members of the mysterious organization that has bewitched your daughter. Be careful when speaking and learn the hotel’s secrets to complete the rescue mission.

The Isle Tide Hotel apk

Interact with people

Your journey to find and solve mysteries at a hotel has begun. And that’s when you become a father on a mission to rescue his girl, Eleanor. She is trapped in a hotel where a spooky organization is operating. So you have to go in there and interact with the people there. Then you will see them played by real people, which are fun interactive moments. But to start, you need to observe before making interactive choices. Explore each interactive story and complete the rescue objective in The Isle Tide Hotel MOD APK.

The Isle Tide Hotel mod apk

Make you choices

When you arrive at the hotel where your daughter went missing, you will meet many people. She seems fascinated by the mysterious organization and can’t find a way out. Therefore, you must collect facts before and after the disappearance. And because the hotel was full of people, one of them could have witnessed the incident. However, they will provide non-specific information, which you must exploit wisely. Then, it would be best if you made decisions about dialogue while communicating with people. Make wise choices in hotel conversations to use information.

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Explore the endings

You will have to save your daughter from challenges in different stories. Therefore, you must quickly discover all the secrets when communicating with people at the hotel. However, it would be best if you were not hasty because that will only keep you stuck in the facts. And each person will give you different details, so you must think carefully. Besides, members of the mysterious organization will also appear and distract you. Therefore, you can experience seven endings corresponding to 14 outcomes when rescuing your daughter. Learn the story at the hotel and discover it all ends in the rescue journey.

The Isle Tide Hotel android

Various stories at the hotel will provide you with important information. They will be the information you need to complete your goal of rescuing your daughter. She entered the resort hotel but was fascinated by a mysterious organization. So it would be best to communicate with real people at the stories to learn about the events. But you must collect accurate information to solve mysteries. And vice versa, if you choose wrong, you must go through 7 endings with 14 separate results. Download The Isle Tide Hotel MOD APK to rescue your daughter from the mysterious hotel successfully.

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